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  1. Mantic vs McLeod vs lpxHD

    I've seen a few issues and personally had the issue where the mantic cerametalic clutch for the 18+ d4 does not disengage properly out of gear. I haven't heard of a specific fix, so 15 and up mantic 18 up would go with mcleod or centerforce myself.
  2. ?? Centri Owners Who DID-NOT do OPG/CS

    I'm a mechanic and wouldn't call doing opg and crank sprocket easy. An oil change is easy, spark plug, easy. Tearing the front of your engine down then retiming it is a little work. Requires a good amount of time and many things can be done wrong. I've also only done it once so someone that does...
  3. Whipple Install and oil weight thoughts

    I would second that you use 1 or 2 bottles of ceratec to see if that changes anything
  4. SOLD Mt 82 D4 transmission for sale

    Trans is sold
  5. Operating temp takes a long time

    That is usually a sign that the thermostat has failed in the open position, it does that so you won't overheat but it will take forever to get up to temp. If you're changing the thermostat anyways then yes it should fix it
  6. California WTT borla atak catback for a borla s type.

    Damn, I have borla attak and was looking for s type but I have the active system
  7. Hard Clutch Pedal after Hard Run

    How hard is hard? Maybe your overthinking it? Maybe your clutch is slipping slightly at top speed? How many miles on the car? Take the temp of the trans after a good run then compare it to normal street driving

    I have a fore lvl2 system no complaints here. I have yet to hook up my ethanol content gauge to monitor alcohol % and fuel temps, but no issues running down to 1/4 tank and still having some fun yet. I did however pop a ringland on #7 at around 12psi due to not opening the ring gaps up. So...
  9. Potential Clutch Issue? Lethal LPX-HD

    Are these mt82d-4 trans you guys are having issues with? I had the same issue on my 19gt with a mantic cerametalic clutch. Wouldn't shift out of first most of the time, dropped the trans 3 times to make sure the tob was bled properly, no go. 8k shifting was perfect but around town was horrible...
  10. Shifting from 3rd to 4th at high RPM - hitting 2nd instead

    I've maybe missed a gear 2 times since my mgw shifter was installed. Before that at least 50% of the time I would get locked out or miss a gear. This is all with the stock 19 clutch btw
  11. Mysterious Button in GT

    That's where I installed my sub gain knob on mine. It's a good possibility
  12. GT500 Aluminum Cam/Valve Covers

    Would those work on a gen 3 5.0?
  13. PP gauges

    Contact your tuner and tell them you have the pp gauge cluster
  14. Arizona 2018- LPXHD clutch

    Also why isn't the pilot bearing included? Looks like they include a new one
  15. Arizona 2018- LPXHD clutch

    what flywheel does this come with? Aluminum or steel? Thanks
  16. My daughter's 2019 GT dome lights quit working

    Take a bulb out and use a test light to see if there is power, or a new bulb. I doubt they are both burned but it is possible. Also test light can check your fuses
  17. S550 engine removal

    I have to pull my engine and was dreading pulling the long tubes, good to know they can stay on!
  18. 2017 GT Misfire Cylinder #7

    I would check the plug in that cylinder, and while it's out compression check. If you don't have a compression tester rent/borrow one. You could switch coils with another cylinder and injector to see if the code hops to another spot. These motors are known to have issues with cylinder #7
  19. Where to sleeve?! Or sleeved block for sale?

    I would call wherever you're buying the block from