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  1. WTB Steeda Lowering Springs GT/V6 and Other Steeda Suspension Parts

    I would prefer Ultralite Linear Rears and Ultralite Extreme Fronts but let me see whatcha got. My paypal is ready! :thumbsup: Also if you have Steeda sways, Steeda shocks/struts, coilovers, etc let me know about those as well!
  2. FS: 20" Vossen CVT

    $1500 picked up. Will ship but buyer responsible for shipping and insurance costs. 20x10 +45 Square setup. Selling because I got new wheels. Regular tire mounting wear on inner wheel and regular wear on inner wheel well. Face of wheels are near perfect with one very small paint blemish on...
  3. ZL1 Addons Tow Hook GT (non-PP)

    Has anyone installed the front Tow Hook from ZL1 Addons onto a non-PP GT? It's a pretty straight forward installation and can really only go on one way but I was under the impression from the website description that I would not have to cut the lower grill at all and the bracket would line up...
  4. 50 Deep: Good Guy

    I bought a Carbon2Carbon spoiler hole filler plate thing to go with my R wing from 50 Deep. We settled on a very fair price and was paid for within probably a 5 minute conversation, he shipped it the next day which was a Friday and I had the part on Monday! Would deal with again in a...
  5. SOLD - GT Brake Caliper Covers (Black)

    $100 shipped in the lower 48, if outside of this contact me and we'll see what we can do. These were on my GT non-PP calipers. They are in good used condition. They take about 4 minutes each to install and depending on your wheel design and as long as you don't have Sasquatch hands you...
  6. Stock Clutch Measurements for a Manual V6

    Long Shot, but has anyone measured from the (stock) crank flange side of the flywheel to the clutch fingers and recorded the measurement?
  7. Roush Shift Knob - White

    EDIT: SOLD $55 Shipped in the Lower 48. If you are farther away send me a PM. Paypal ONLY. Just the knob, you can get some locktite if you want but it's not really needed.
  8. 1 Owner GT350 for Sale Maybe a little older than most people are looking for. Frickin Survivor. ;)
  9. Steeda Q750 Streetfighter Spoiler

    The spoiler comes with instructions but they are in black and white and may need some additional interpretation so I documented my install. Note that I skipped steps 1-6 of the install guide because I didn't have a spoiler already installed. Maybe someone who does steps 1-6 can add to this...
  10. Precision MFS 5831E Turbo - SOLD

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I have this Precision MFS 5831E Entry Level Turbo left over from a Miata project. This is new but open box item. I mounted the turbo on the Miata to mock up the downpipe but never turned on the ignition. This probably doesn't have any applications for S550 Mustangs unless...
  11. TUF McGregor vs. Faber

    Anybody watching? Picks to win? I'm thinking Ryan Hall, those heel hooks are nasty.
  12. Tail of the Dragon/Gatlinburg - When is the best time to go?

    I was down in Gatlinburg with the family this past weekend in the Fusion. Didn't get too much spirited driving in as it was bumper to bumper everywhere. I have never been to the actual Tail or know where it is but I figure I was pretty close to it. Autumn leaves make the roads pretty...
  13. Project Autumn | ProCharged 3.7

    |Established Autumn 2015| 2015 Mustang 3.7L V6 Magnetic Metallic 6-speed Manual Transmission ProCharger Beta Test Vehicle |Performance| Manual V6 ProCharger Kit Installed, Tested and Tuned by ProCharger Steeda Progressive Springs 4 Piston Base GT Calipers and 14" Rotors Niche Form 20x8.5 +25...