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  1. Oil Change Interval

    Another vote here for supplying the dealer with my own oil and a Royal Purple HPS fan, for my daily run, tuned Ecoboost. Had the Service Manager tear strips off the mechanic on one occasion when he went to credit the oil, only to find my oil hadn't been used - 45 minute wait to 'fix' the issue...
  2. Shifting Impovements (6MT) for a Street Driven Ecoboost

    I've upgraded the reverse collar from the plastic unit to the Steeda metal unit, as a precaution against failure, but no rattle issues. I'd agree with the comments about the Ecoboost being happier to ride the torque & staying on boost, rather than pushing revs. Mines custom tuned but the torque...
  3. Shifting Impovements (6MT) for a Street Driven Ecoboost

    I've had the Ford Performance short throw shifter for 5+ years. It improved the throw distance and when pushing help keep the car on boost and riding the torque.
  4. Random thoughts.......................

    Isn't that more of a chunky dunk?
  5. Wireless Adapters for Android Auto (Carplay)

    Running the Pixel 6 Pro with no drop out issues, except for the Waze thread that's in the electronics section. Not related the the Motorola though.
  6. NSW - Sunday 22nd January 2023 All American Day (MOCA run event)

  7. Challenger outsold Mustang again. Worst Mustang sales ever.

    Do these figures include the export production for the S550 Mustang or just the US registrations?
  8. Dashcams

    Lots of 'vocals' this month - tis the season....
  9. Wireless charging dock - has anyone installed one into their S550?

    The install sits into the tray and the charge space is open ended to a degree. I'd photo mine but its appears they have changed the design a bit and included a grippy mat. From the website its states: "Max Length of Phone + Case Supported: 16 cm or 6.3 inch"
  10. Wireless charging dock - has anyone installed one into their S550?

    I have this one installed. Fits great, was avialable locally for me and leaves the left side port for connection for Android Auto or Carplay. BTW I have the Motorola MA-1...
  11. Waze not working on Android Auto

    Hi guys, I'm continuing to have this on again off again, issue when in the Mustang. I've used Waze in several hire cars without issue. The case I raised with Waze ( 01331469 ) is still open and they have me logging the issue when it occurs but its a laborious process when driving. I'm going...
  12. What feature of the S550 are you least impressed with?

    How far behind we are on Sync and Map updates in Australia. Also another vote for the headlights.
  13. Science is now cancelled? [USERS NOW BANNED FOR POLITICS]

    Just to add additional an additional country's data to the flu vs COVID debate where we are coming out of winter.
  14. Wireless Adapters for Android Auto (Carplay)

    Mines running from the centre consol. I haven't 'fixed' it yet with the tape and may not bother.
  15. Wireless Adapters for Android Auto (Carplay)

    Sorry, I posted in the Infotainment chat. Works like a dream. Set-up was easy and connection time is great. No noticeable lag that I can see.
  16. Mustang GT Insurance Companies

    If you're going down the modification path Shannons or Famous appear to be the only people will to talk.
  17. Can we have a funny meme thread? (NO POLITICS!)

    Accuracy of signage is important to Australians.
  18. Anyone using a Motorla MA1 in their S550? Debating wireless options

    Been using the MA1 for about a week. Absolutely delighted with the speed of initial connection & lack of lag. Given I picked mine up in Australia with 2 day delivery, I'd assume the availability issues are resolved too.
  19. Wireless Adapters for Android Auto (Carplay)

    Can't believe how quick Telstra delivered, given availability issues reported from the US guys. Will install and report but looking forward to good things based on Nell66 experience.
  20. Wireless Adapters for Android Auto (Carplay)

    Order placed with Telstra too; thanks for the tip.