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  1. Looking to track in 2023. Anything else needed?

    If you are changing springs get sway as well you need it even more with different springs than stock.
  2. Good vendor for Ohlins R&T, MCS

    yeah and last time took me a while to figure that out need to be more careful when my alignment guy is doing the changes of the setup. As driving like that surely us annoying as hell. The other issue that drives me crazy is the rear lug nuts that continue to unlock from time to time making all...
  3. Good vendor for Ohlins R&T, MCS

    I'm happy with the Ohlins car is much more stable but I have fitting issues with the rear springs Vorshlag have an install guide that cover this. I drive the car on track and on the street with same settings and it's really planted though I'm way softer than what this comes from the factory...
  4. Good vendor for Ohlins R&T, MCS

    Vorshlag carry both brands I think.
  5. Are they really caster AND camber plates?

    to be fair the factory caster is like 7 degrees or so. Don't think you need much more for anything. I got the steeda camber plates as were cheapest and I couldn't be happier. Don't sweat over camber plates choice.
  6. Sway Bar Adjustments

    you do understand that a lot of the understeer come from the staggered tires setup right ?
  7. Sway Bar Adjustments

    Steeda developed a softer rear swaybar for a reason. There is no need for stiff rear swaybar or adjustable rear swaybar. The car have enough rear bar from the factory so eventually people also settle for the softest setting on an adjustable bar. If you want more rear grip springs is a better...
  8. 2023 IMSA Daytona, Mustang GT4 Wins

    this cars are like 450 hp you know right ?
  9. Autocross/daily driver questions

    The problem with the DR springs from steeda is not the front rate 350# firm is the rear rate of 1200# rear this is a lot for the OEM Shocks and you need something like at least Pro-Shocks Adjustable to be able to handle it. I also think this will not work with Ford Performance Track Shocks as...
  10. 2023 IMSA Daytona, Mustang GT4 Wins

    the car is not even presented yet besides the short rendered video. It will race at 2024 IMSA though. I'm guessing Ford Performance are taking this season to learn a lot and setup operations of the factory team. Starting with a 1 and 3 place finish is a good start for the team and great to see...
  11. Girlfriend mode toggle?

    That must be refreshing every girl I meet first question is can I drive your Mustang. I always tell them that we need to know each other way more to let them drive my car.
  12. Mustang Photograph of the Month Contest – January 2023

    looks like 30 years from now barn find :D
  13. Looking to track in 2023. Anything else needed?

    ok not GS1 but some entry level pads should be fine.
  14. Looking to track in 2023. Anything else needed?

    Some perf street pads like GS-1 or Entry level track pads should be the go to with 300tw tires. The OEM pads not up to the task even for 300tw tire my brake pads were gone in a weekend while the tires easy outlasted them 3 to 1 or more. OEM pads are no go for the track no matter the tires unless...
  15. The Albuquerque Stripper - Who says a Mustang can't land a kickflip?

    Hey Patrick, I was looking yesterday through my over 1260 photos of my car and was amazing to thing how much happen since 2019 when I first bought the car and took it to a race track. Did it sink a lot of money sure but is better than booze, girls and drungs that's for sure. And after 500 laps...
  16. Hard Clutch Pedal after Hard Run

    Mine was like that but then it started doing it in day to day traffic and I decided enough is enough new clutch+ new slave and my car was having like 20 000 miles on the clock but I do track it a lot.
  17. Looking to track in 2023. Anything else needed?

    I will be switching to R12's for the moment. And see if this will be enough pad. Don't have access to RS4's in Europe though.
  18. Hard Clutch Pedal after Hard Run

    Sounds like slave cylinder to me as well. My Clutch pedal was getting very hard and we concluded it's a slave cylinder. Replaced it and got a new clutch everything back to normal. You can also use the fact that trans is out to add a short trow shifter and some other goodies while in it.
  19. Looking to track in 2023. Anything else needed?

    I run AR-1's and super happy with them very sticky I know something like A052 is faster but in Europe not available in 305/30/19 only 295/35/19 not a big deal but hard to find and expensive. If you are after cheap semi's I think Federal now have 305/30/19 option which should be much cheaper than...
  20. Looking to track in 2023. Anything else needed?

    You can go down the mods rabbit hole a lot there are no setups a like. But without even been to the track how you know you need them ? As I said my first season was 100+ laps on OEM PZero tires with OEM brake pads and Motul 660 brake fluid. The OEM brake pads lasted like 88 laps before needed...