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  1. Test Drive on a Mustang E

    Hi, I hope someone can help me I will be at the Falls for 5 days in May and would love a test-drive in the new Mustang E Anyone know when they will be in the showrooms, and any dealers I can contact online to arrange this? thank you
  2. Buying parts in Niagara Falls

    Hi, I hope someone can help me I will be at the Falls for 5 days in May and want to buy some parts online, So they are waiting for me, So I can just go and collect them. Am after a few spare Puddle lamps for the BLIS system, as otherwise have to get them sent to the UK. As I have 1 of only 2...
  3. Removing the Heat Shield ?

    Hi Folks want to take my heat-shield off, (under the hood) and will be getting it painted, how easy is it to do? to remove then put back on? thanks
  4. Stereo Lights, not going out on exit of the car

    Hi, after some help please, the last 2 times i have got out of my V8 the 2 round courtesy lights go out, but the stereo lights stay on, lit up. I have had to fire up the engine then when I turn off again, its ok. tonight I fired up the RS and that turned off the stereo lights. has anyone had the...
  5. For Minneapolis and Kansas City People

    Any good dealerships to have a good look at the 2018, and I suppose the Bullitt is not around yet :D Will be in the US from next Weekend !!
  6. Bit of Advice (yes more help) :-)

    I am after in the US : A heads up display OBD2 port, and A OBD2 diagnostic checker any good ones in the US, as my 2016 CS does not like the European ones, so am thinking I need a US one? I know the port works as have been told by my car importer who installed my European Maps onto...
  7. American Muscle

    I want to get a few of their parts, and get them sent to a hotel when I am in the US in May. Having trouble getting them to deliver to the hotel as I am based in the UK :frusty: Are their any shops or places that you can order American Muscle parts ? Am after this lot ...
  8. Kansas City

    We are coming over early May for a week, and would love to see a S550 Bullett any good showrooms, where there would be one ? Also any good shops for Ford stuff, after California Special branded stuff if they make it? Am hiring a Escape I take it it has Sync 3? Would also like to travel to some...
  9. X Pipe Lethal Performance

    Hi Folks from across the pond Where is the best place to get the above please :D [ame]
  10. Question for the BLIS Owners

    I have the BLIS system on my CS in the UK, only one I have seem. Few weeks back car hit my mirror, did not think much of it, the mirror never moved so never even stopped. 6 hours later when parked up for the night walked round the car and saw something not right the bottom of the light which...
  11. Essex Meet

    I know this is a bit short notice, but if any of you are Essex based, free for a hour or longer Saturday afternoon, you are more then welcome to the 1st Monthly SMUK Essex meet. The Pub is the meet around 12 and leave when you want thanks...
  12. Anyone know (Ordering from Canada for UK)

    How much a fully loaded Auto Vert 2018 GT would be, if brought from Canada? I saved 5k buying from Canada rather then the US Also anyone got the link to order from Canada thanks
  13. Regent Street Car Show 04 November 2017 Route 66 Theme this year :D
  14. On The Splugen Pass "Strong Language"

    and Yes they were Goats, they 100% got my Goat :lol::lol:
  15. On The Splugen Pass "Strong Language"

    and Yes they were Goats, they 100% got my Goat :lol::lol:
  16. All Companies should do this
  17. Bonnet Cover

    As my bonnet is being attacked by evil Tree Sap, cant get her away from the trees for a few months :frusty: was going to put my car cover on her, which i got as a freebie, but been told the car needs to be clean, before i can use the cover which is a total pain So was thinking if i can cover the...
  18. Blu-ray onto Disc

    Need a bit of advice, not Mustang, but there are a lot of clever people on here :-), have a lot of Blu-ray video want to put on disc, have the discs, but not enough power in the Desktop to convert it, have a I7 Laptop, can I buy a external bluray burner for it, or does anyone on here burn...