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  1. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Put on a Steeda 2 Point G-Trac Brace yesterday. Very happy with the results on my DD.
  2. Steeda S550 Ultralite 2-Point G-Trac Brace - Now Available!

    Purchased a 2 Point G-Trac Brace on the Labor Day Sale! Installations was quick and easy, I think it took longer to put away the tools and ramps. It made the front end of my DD EcoBoost feel much more solid on twisties, very pleased with the results. Thanks Steeda for another great product...
  3. P0456 Evaporative Emission Leak - Any one get this code yet?

    Yes, it is the fuel tank vent valve located by the charcoal canister under your trunk area. I just had mine replaced under warranty this week.
  4. Boost Operated Blow Off Valve - Boomba Racing

    Yes, you did type low load, my bad! At least with my stock tune it does not do it too often, and when it does description is the same as my windows up/windows down description, albeit at bit more muted overall.
  5. Boost Operated Blow Off Valve - Boomba Racing

    It is a noticeable burst of pressure similar to a truck air brake but not near as loud between shifts with the windows down. It is noticeable but muted with the windows up. Personally I don't find it objectionable, it's kind of a performance turbo car recognizable sound. Although if Boomba...
  6. Boost Operated Blow Off Valve - Boomba Racing

    I have also been running the BOV for several weeks. I am on a stock tune with drop in AEM filter and AirAid Intake Tube. I have had no issues with the BOV, nor any change up or down in MPG due to the addition of the BOV. I also added a TBS after about a week and did notice that in combination...
  7. Ecoboost mods, at some point it has to stop! :)

    I totally agree, my EcoBoost is a DD as also. I have taken a similar path with improvements that increase performance and reliability. I have done an AirAid Intake Tube with an AEM dry filter in the stock airbox. Upgraded my stock BOV to the Boomba Boost Operated BOV (highly recommend this...
  8. Boost Operated Blow Off Valve - Boomba Racing

    Any chance if Boomba does manufacture a recirculating version that you would offer us early adaptor's a lower cost upgrade? :thumbsup:
  9. Boost Operated Blow Off Valve - Boomba Racing

    I've had mine on for about a week now, but with no other mods until yesterday. I did notice that car does recover quicker than the stock BOV to the question that was asked. I added a Steeda throttle Body Spacer yesterday, and I am aware of what some say about their effectiveness with a...
  10. Boost Operated Blow Off Valve - Boomba Racing

    I appreciate your concern about the lack of a filter. I'm interested to see how you cover the BOV with the outerwears and your impressions.
  11. Boost Operated Blow Off Valve - Boomba Racing

    Installed my Boost Operated Blow Off Valve today. I took it out for a drive and it feels like it revs more freely and generally feels smoother. Installation was easy and straightforward, no codes, so far so good! Thanks Boomba for a great product. Tough to see after installation, but here's...
  12. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Installed my Boomba Racing Boost Operated Blow Off Valve!
  13. vibration, rpm specific

    Dan, any further updates on your vibration? My 2016 EB started having a vibration at about 10K miles at the exact same RPMs on deceleration only.
  14. Poor Sirius reception?

    Guys, I installed a portable Sirius Stratus in my wife's 2016 V6. I get the same "blackout" areas with the portable as I get with my 2016 EcoBoost with factory Sirius. The only other difference between the 2 cars is antenna placement. On the V6 I installed the Sirius antenna on the rear deck...
  15. Will standard premium front seats bolt and wire up for cars with Recarros?

    I did the swap in reverse on my 2013 Focus SE adding Recaro Seats from a Focus ST. I can tell you in that case as in the Mustang the seats should literally bolt in and the electrical connects should be there for the seat to work properly. The drivers seat went in no problem and did not set off...
  16. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Installed my Steeda Shifter Base Bushing and Bracket today. All I can say is it made a huge difference in the way my EcoBoost shifts. Thanks to Steeda for making awesome products like this and the Jacking Rails.
  17. Question About Drop In High Flow Air Filters & Cold Air Kits

    Nach, I went with the AEM dry drop in filter and AirAid Intake Tube on my EcoBoost. It feels like it pulls harder, but only a Dyno could tell how much HP was gained. It definitely is not as loud as some of the other CAI's because of the stock air box. Inlet air temperature stays within about...
  18. Roush V6 CAI For Sale

    Sorry, it's sold!
  19. Ecoboost PP or GT Base

    It really depends mostly on how you will use the vehicle. I have a 2016 EcoBoost Premium which replaced my Supercharged 2005 Mustang GT. While I thoroughly enjoyed the GT and modding it, I really wanted a good all around daily driver that offered decent performance, handling and fuel mileage...
  20. The Great BIG CAI Thread

    I went this route with the Airaid intake tube and AEM Drop In filter in the stock airbox. I noticed no increase in IAT over stock, and the car feels like it pulls better to me.