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  1. What's Up With This?

    Someone told me he heard it's probable that Ford will be merging with GM. I got home yesterday and did a bing search, apparently Ford is in big trouble, GM is flat and it looks like it is probable from the articles
  2. Did The Deed

    I had a thread recently discussing the possibility of trading my '15 GT. Did the deed a couple of weeks ago. I made a deal with Koon's Ford on a $53,160 Magnetic Explorer Sport 3.5 ecoboost. Got over 9k off with rebates, some BJ's wholesale club 1k rebate and an even $28,000 for my '15 premium...
  3. Decision Time

    Got a decision to make here. I may be selling the '15 GT for an SUV, probably an Explorer. We have a '05 Ram diesel pickup with 120k on it, my '05 blown/stroked Mustang GT with 21k on it and my '15 GT premium with 8200 miles on it. I have to keep the pickup for obvious reasons, hauling, towing...
  4. '15 Gauge Cluster Question

    My owner's manual has probably been stuffed somewhere by my wife so I have an issue maybe someone can answer for me. My cluster numbers and markings are gray with power off and with power on the numbers and markings light up white with the headlights off. With headlights on they change to...
  5. '15 Gauge Cluster Problem

    My '15 GT with just over 7k miles on it is developing a daytime cluster issue (headlights turned off). The tach and speedo go very dim (looks completely out unless in the dark garage) and the center information display goes half dim.This is intermittent, comes and goes. I'd say on a 15 minute...
  6. Small World

    My heat and a/c system at the house is now 19 years old so I decided to update everything. I went to a concert with a buddy last week and he suggested I contact his friend who's in the business. After 5-6 conversations with the guy about the system install we decided on what to go with. Today...
  7. Tail Light Out, Then Back On

    Had the car out last Friday and Saturday and both days the right rear tail light bar for blinker was out, cluster display going fast when right blinker was on. Saturday I pulled the sub out of the trunk and reset the harness plug to the light fixture and problem was still there. I figured since...
  8. Email Notification

    All of the sudden about a week or 2 ago every thread I post in causes me to receive an email about other posts on the threads. How can I get rid of this function? I went into my user control panel and turned off what I thought would do it but to no avail.
  9. Exhaust Options

    I have a Lethal Performance resonator delete with bottleneck eliminator. I'm wanting a little more noise out of it, about the same increase in volume as the H-pipe gave it. Definitely don't want real loud, just another bump in volume. Not interested in any drone that's annoying and deeper...
  10. Resonator Delete?

    I have one of the original Lethal Performance resonator delete H-pipes that also has the bottle neck eliminator. I have a friend who wants the same set up with the bottle neck eliminator. Any vendors offering that at this time?
  11. Painted Grille

    I am planning on pulling the front fascia and both grilles to cut out the honeycomb and do my own mesh. I am considering sanding (smooth) and painting both the upper and lower grilles to match the car (magnetic) before adding black mesh. The paint would cover everything that's left after cutting...
  12. Wheel Spacers and Studs

    I'm considering some wheel spacers for front and rear and probably 3/4'' maybe 1'' on the spacers. What's available and what about the stud length with spacers being that thick? Lastly, where to buy quality parts?
  13. Installed Lethal Resonator Delete H-Pipe

    I'm not posting a video or anything, just giving a review on the bottleneck eliminator version I've had the car for almost 2 weeks and this kit has been waiting in my garage for over a month. Put...
  14. Hey, David at Steeda??

    Could I please bother you for suggested alignment specs, gonna install your progressive springs? Front and rear. Thank you!
  15. In Depth 5.0 Engine Details

    Does anyone have information on the 2015 5.0 as far as bearing clearances, head gasket material and other in depth details? Does it still implement oil squirters on the piston skirts? My machine shop buddy has been asking about the details on the motor...a Chevy guy, but he's impressed...
  16. In Case You Don't Know...

    This is not directed to everyone, but a few for sure. I notice a lot of guys think that different wheel sizes affect how much the tire/wheel combo will fill the wheel wells on cars. I'm referring to stock, factory sizes, not some crazy combo you might buy and install. Whether you buy a car...
  17. Lowering Springs!

    Car should be here in about a month...getting some parts lined up before hand. I'd like to see some side shots of different springs on level ground. Want to see what springs I'll be buying and I don't want to slam it, just drop an inch or maybe 1.5 inches. Want to keep a good ride.
  18. Need New Exhaust Tips!

    I just ordered Lethal's resonator delete with bottleneck eliminator which retains the stock mufflers. Well, the stock tips have to go! Where can I find some nice Double walled polished and tapered 304 stainless tips that I can weld in?
  19. Car Ordered, Can't Track It

    My car was ordered on 5-28 and the dealer gave me their dealer# and my order#. They even tracked it and gave me my build date (7-15) but I have no success on the COTUS site tracking it myself. System sez no matching vehicle found. Double checked the numbers with the dealer with no success.
  20. What Do Ya Think?

    Whet do you guys think of Lethal Performance's resonator delete? From what I hear on youtube the H-pipe version sounds pretty damn good...little computer speakers of course.