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  1. Am I crazy fuel door

    So I just set up my Ford pass account and turned on location in the app and all that. My Mach 1 needed gas and the light was on because I only had 25 miles to empty. So I go to the gas station and when I got out of the car the fuel door was popped open. Is this some sort of feature? The car knew...
  2. Orange Seat Belt Shoulder Pads

    I know someone posted pics of these in there car but I can't find them. I wanted to see them again before I order them. Does anyone have a link to that thread? Thanks.
  3. Mach 1 Insurance

    I plan to order my Mach 1 tomorrow. I need to call my insurance tomorrow and get a quote. I was wondering what everyone is paying for insurance. If you are willing to share. Thanks