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  1. Clunking from front end!!

    Im dealing with the same problem,it clunks off and on real loud and you can feel it on the floor when it happens,ive changed the struts out. No im going to disconnect the sway bar and links just to see if its coming from there
  2. Ford Racing ProCal Tune

    Anyone dyno this tune? So we can see wheel hp
  3. Lund does it yet again 7.5 @ 89MPH in the 1/8th

    How many miles do you have on the car?
  4. Lund does it yet again 7.5 @ 89MPH in the 1/8th

    Slow98 is that a etune or was it a dyno tune? Also what race gas are u using?
  5. Ford Racing ProCal Tune

    Lion, I am very sorry to here about your wife.My condolences to you and your family.
  6. Ford Racing ProCal Tune

    They may have put factory intake in trunk
  7. Ford Racing ProCal Tune

    They want the tune to be 50state legal,emissions in some states can be tuff like California.and places like that only have 91 and there 91 is low grade
  8. Ford Racing ProCal Tune

    The higher the better,93 is tottaly fine even 100oct would good. I talked to fp about it, the hp#s for the tune on fords web is on 93oct.
  9. Aftermarket Stereo Install/Dash Kit for the S550 (soon)

    This is a kit for a aftermarket double den radio, it does vome with yhe touch screen hvac controls but you have to buy the radio separate.the rep told me it should be out 2nd qtr of 2017
  10. Ford Racing ProCal Tune

    Im just interested in how this tune performs.all the trolling can stop please.lets hear from the ones who have the we can make a informed decision.This is probably not the most powerful tune,but most likely the not trying to get in the 12s.,so this tune maybe something im...
  11. Ford Racing ProCal Tune

    No way thats the real #s on the fp tune.thats better#s then most of the other tuners
  12. Ford Racing ProCal Tune

    They told me it will take some miles before you can tell a difference in the tune,car has to learn the tune,at least thats what fp told me.let us know how it compares to the other tune you where using
  13. HELP!!!!

    Good to hear
  14. Expose your pony

    The pony in the hood is so if you have snow on the car, the pony will melt the snow making the pony show on the top in melted snow
  15. Latest update from Ford Performance Tune

    Holy crap..good horsepower but wheres the torque?
  16. Ford Performance GT350 CAI for the EBM

    I just talked to ford racing, they said that the gt350 cai is going to be part of the tune package getting released this week or next. Cost is 699 is going to happen because you can order now if you numbers released yet intill its put up on the site.