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  1. Will Joe Biden die of old age or be sent to prison?

    He won't be going to prison, he is part of the problem with Washington DC...a huge part. I don't like seeing anyone suffer from old age brain rot like he is because it's just plain sad. He will not be elected president.
  2. Anyone else think the new Supra is ugly?

    I'm just not digging it. Mainly the front end kills it for me and it just looks weird. Lack of manual transmission seems to be the trend...too bad
  3. Pandemic

    The wife and me just watched it. That was pretty much the same story we have been aware of for quite some time now, but it's obvious the Asian poor subculture is where this type of thing starts. My biggest gripe is the fact that the Chinese sat on this for about 2 months and let it spread. They...
  4. Pandemic

    I'll check to see if that's on my Prime app and check back
  5. Essential businesses

    We own an electric forklift service company. We are definitely essential because we provide support (repairs, sales) for companies like Clorox, food suppliers, can manufacturers, paper goods suppliers, medical label printers, beer, wine and spirits distributors (haha, I know). I'm a drinker, so...
  6. Super Bowl..SF vs. KC discuss

    I don't see either team losing so it should be a good game. If the Chiefs start slow like the last 2 games that's not good. I'll be rooting for them to win. I'm a Ravens fan...Baltimore beat San Fran, but lost to the Chiefs this season. Mahomes is the real deal.
  7. Your Experience Versus My Experiment - 3rd Gen Coyote Mods

    Yes, very true. On my '05 Mustang I've had both a Procharger and a Whipple. The Whipple is still on the stroker motor. With the Procharger you didn't notice any boost until getting into the mid rpm's. Both of my blower setups were dyno tuned by JPC Racing for optimal AFR and power. With the...
  8. Whipple 18 10R80 hit 10s with street tires!!!

    I'm not familiar with the 10 speed autos, but that MPH should be good for high 9's....maybe it's the transmission.
  9. McLeod clutch, need advice!

    I would suggest the RXT at that power level. They only make excessive noise if you lug it at lower rpm's. I have an RST on my Whippled '05 stroker and I love the clutch. Even with the excessive torque from the blower I easily manage any noise by just staying out of very low rpm cruising.
  10. MGW Race Spec or Barton Hybrid 3

    I'm a huge MGW fan. I've had a couple and installed them for people. Great shifters.
  11. Need some tuning advice...

    You got great advice here. Bama is not well regarded and the others mentioned are very reputable.
  12. How much HP am I making currently?

    I'd say with a fair amount of confidence just under 400 rwhp
  13. No ethonal

    Not a myth when it comes to carburetors. Modern cars are fine with the ethanol in the fuel.
  14. Car no longer pulls hard under load in any gear/rpm

    Sounds like a possible transmission issue
  15. Wanting 2006 Ford Mustang GT

    My '05 GT has 23k miles on it. Blown, stroked and I'll never sell it. Great all business car
  16. Filed a case with Ford Customer service!

    Probably the crank seal behind the harmonic balancer.
  17. Chevy can't keep up with Ram's booming sales

    The Ram refresh on the heavy duty trucks is hard to beat IMO especially with the Cummins.
  18. The next refresh.....

    IMO all new sheet metal on the same platform is a smart idea cost wise. It would also satisfy the market for change.