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  1. 2018 GT350 CONFIRMED

    2018 SHELBY GT350 PROUCT CHANGES The only changes to the 2018 Shelby GT350/GT350R will be exterior colors. All other functional, exterior and interior content will be carryover from 2017MY. Final color lineup will be announced at a later date ADMIN UPDATE (SCREENSHOTS/PDF ADDED):
  2. For those with exhaust switch, worth it vs thru steering wheel?

    Just curious, as the 2017s are now coming, Is it worth the $3k for the stereo, Nav, and exhaust switch? I've heard it gets old switching thru the menus to change it. just want first hand opinions thanks!
  3. Shelby GT350 Ford Racing upgrades...coolers in the works!

    SVTP forum everyone can now chill! FRPP engineers are considering suspension upgrades, but nothing is finalized there, but what is coming is a way for track rats to keep their non-Track Pack, non-R-model GT350s’ temperatures under control during extended track sessions. “We have seen many of...