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  1. Wheel nuts!

    You could take a normal nut from another wheel and just fit the locking nut to that wheel until you get it sorted.👍
  2. Exhaust options for an Auto

    This is my set up... Ford performance touring with FP resonator. Although now I’m running with Streetfighter LTH it still not to loud but has a nice tone..
  3. Stock Resonator vs Borla Resonator

    No haven’t checked. But they failed the first MOT when brand new.
  4. Stock Resonator vs Borla Resonator

    I have LTH and 200 cell car fails emissions by miles.. No smells though:like:
  5. CO2 tax in France

    Ford USA can’t even retaliate by asking the US government to put a massive levy on French cars. The Americans know that French cars are crap and wouldn’t buy one at any price
  6. Auntie roll bar

    Agreed...updated ARB’s on my car had a much bigger impact than updated springs..
  7. Coyote Wheel spacers (Sold)

    Never fitted em
  8. Coyote Wheel spacers (Sold)

    No problem... don’t need a steering wheel, just having a garage tidy up, and I’ll never use these so thought I’d get shut..
  9. Coyote Wheel spacers (Sold)

    Set of 4 x 1” Coyote wheel spacers, new and unused in anodised black. Complete with lug nuts etc. These are around £115 a pair. How does £150 for the full set sound? Price includes U.K. delivery
  10. Unable to service car at the moment?

    After being quoted £550+ Vat for my 4th year service.. I got of my bum and did it myself..
  11. What would you have bought if Mustang not came to UK?

    Anything with a V8.... as long as it wasn’t German
  12. Line Lock!

  13. So changed the front discs and found this!

    It’s the Wilwood kit for the rear.
  14. Painted Brake Calipers (UK)

    Mine were done by a friend at a local body repair shop...he just used normal 2 pack.
  15. So changed the front discs and found this!

    Why would you paint them badly?? only joking
  16. Supplying own oil for a service

    Looking at his profile, the OP’s car is a 2106, so it takes 7.6 litres, and not the 5.4 litres that he spoke of in his post asking for advice
  17. Supplying own oil for a service

    oil capacity for the 5.0 is 7.6 litres Plugs are changed at 100k miles here’s my oil change video
  18. My Supercharged 200 MPH build

    Great thread, really enjoyed it....
  19. Vacuum pipe

    Couple of things really. Car made 500 BHP up from 460. But it was all at the top end, the car felt a bit fluffy and unresponsive lower down the Rev range. So although 500 sounds great on paper, on real roads and my driving style, it just wasn’t working for me. fuel consumption went from my...
  20. Vacuum pipe

    That’s the one......very kind... I’ve made a small donation to by way of thanks..