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  1. Intake runner code

    So pretty much just to clean up the engine bay & avoid future mechanical failure from breaking said shafts. Ok thank you for adding that bit of info.
  2. Intake runner code

    Ok I see. Well I'll just keep mine stock then. Thanks for your reply.
  3. Intake runner code

    What is the reason behind locking the IMRC's? Is it a must do when adding boost only? More hp?
  4. Beefcake Racing no longer supporting lund tuning after 9/27

    I thought that tune was mainly for Ecoboost vehicles
  5. New Trend of the Year of 2024!?

    Even if this was posted in 7G it would be the same as being posted on here since every post gets pushed on here from that forum. Now if you were to want to talk about a 6G mustang on 7G, then your post might get taken down, not the other way around. I honestly think the Hyundai is pulling off...
  6. Dumb SC question

    I was going to suggest contacting Department of boost, but seems like they only make them up to 17 MY. Might still try contacting them being that this is their specialty.
  7. Coolant extraction and refill - Is an Airlift 550000 the best way to do this right?

    I don't know how much prices have gone up, but I don't remember this being pricey at all. It's just a check valve that you use along with your air compressor. Valve one way sucks out from cone in your reservoir, turn the other way & it will put fluid back in. The rubber cone just gets twisted in...
  8. Next mod? 2020 GT Premium

    Suspension bits throughout the rear to keep her planted, maybe a 1 piece light weight drive shaft to lose some rotational weight, light weight rotors, ported intake manifold & throttle. Only things I can think of besides boost.
  9. Is this weird?

    I don't find it weird & would let you take mine for a spin if I was close. Obviously I'd come along. But why not just take one for a test drive. I never once have taken the salesman with me when I test drove cars. Also been offered to take the car home for the weekend a few times.
  10. Rear Fender Flares to match Front?

    Ok thanks. Would be same price as these by the time I get all 4. I'll patiently wait for your install.
  11. Rear Fender Flares to match Front?

    I haven't seen these in person, I just shared when someone else had to see if they would work for you. I'm also looking for an option for my GT to help with the flying rocks. How much were the ones for your Mach?
  12. Coolant extraction and refill - Is an Airlift 550000 the best way to do this right?

    Yes I drained what I could 1st. Did add a new 170* thermostat, but no I did not flush out with distilled water since I reused the same coolant type I had removed. Also all fittings needed were included with the kit. I'll take a pic of the tool I used when I get home.
  13. Coolant extraction and refill - Is an Airlift 550000 the best way to do this right?

    I don't know what brand I have at home. But when I installed my whipple last time, it's what I used & they work great. Used it to flush everything out & to refill it all back up. No burping or anything required once done.
  14. Rear Fender Flares to match Front?
  15. 2011 Shelby GT 500 price question

    Might get better traffic on the forum with that question.
  16. Holy Sh*& that's LOUD -

    Yeah 140db would be nuts. I have no idea where mine is at, but I'm sure nowhere near that cruising around town. I had this same set up before, but without cats & it was much louder, but still sounded damn good.
  17. Holy Sh*& that's LOUD -

    It's not as loud as you'd think it would be. I had active exhaust with a Steeda H pipe & would always have it on track mode. Now I'm kooks from tip to tail & you'd think it would be louder, but it's not. But the deep rumble & quality of sound sure improved.
  18. How do you guys listen to your stereo?

    Neither, I enjoy the sound of my car exhaust. I'm a bit weird I'm told.
  19. Does your supercharger pulley sound like this?

    Yeah I agree with not knowing how it would be misaligned, but it's what happened to me & that's what the Whipple response asked me to do when I emailed them. Soap should just be rubbed on edges
  20. Does your supercharger pulley sound like this?

    The soap will add some kind of lubrication to your belt. If it stops making the noise, your pulley is misaligned. If not, then possibly a bearing. I had this issue on my Whippled car. Ended up loosening the head unit bolts & with them all on wiggled it fwd what I could & fixed the issue.