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  1. Clicking noise after slight acceleration

    I think mine does something similar but I only notice it when cold and driving slow in first or second gear and let off the gas after light throttle. 2019 GT 10-speed auto
  2. Gt500 cat back a bolt on for a GT?

    That’s what I though but wanted to confirm without having to get under mine and measure. Thanks!
  3. Gt500 cat back a bolt on for a GT?

    Anyone know if a take-off GT500 exhaust (x pipe back) is a bolt on for a GT? Didn’t know if they made it so all the pipes would line up or if I’d have to cut and weld. Thanks!
  4. Who installs after-market striping?

    No, I cut the pony out of vinyl too and laid it down first to give the blue stripe an embossed pony logo. It’s subtle but I really like it.
  5. Who installs after-market striping?

    I decided to do mine myself with 3M knifeless tape and some 3M vinyl wrap material. Way cheaper than any of the kits out there and I got exactly what I wanted. Layout with the knifeless tape was easy and this was my first time. If you have patience and are pretty careful measuring things out...
  6. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Installed Steeda progressives and Maximum Motorsport camber plates over the holiday break. Curious to see if they settle out more, but really happy with the look at the moment.
  7. GT350 steering wheel

    What year car are you looking for one for? 2015-2017 is different than 2018+ ( I see you have a newer one in your signature.)
  8. Has Anyone bought/installed the HGP Louvered rear quarter windows?

    I liked the style that Silverhorse used to make for the 05-09.
  9. Knob Thread Interference Fit ?

    Not arguing that the first couple threads look a little messed up. However, if the proper mating thread is the Helicoil, those will just be clearance anyway. I was just commenting on the deformed thread being something normal for a Helicoil. Those first threads are in the parent material and...
  10. Knob Thread Interference Fit ?

    100% looks like a thread that has a Helicoil installed in it. The deformed threads (further in that look flat-ish) are standard for a locking type of Helicoil insert.
  11. Mustang GT Active exhaust controller standalone

    You can press the silver shaft out of the gear it’s in and rotate it 90 degrees. Then the BMW one will be aligned like the Ford one and you can use the same spring.
  12. Arizona Steeda Dual Rate Ultimate Handling Lowering Springs

    Where at in AZ? I’m in Gilbert.
  13. Mustang GT Active exhaust controller standalone

    Here is the inside. Motor isn’t anything special and doesn’t look like it has a feedback loop. OP: great work. I went the manual switch route but glad to see this effort isn’t dead.
  14. Arizona Passenger side OEM tail light, 2018-2022

    Selling the passenger side OEM tail light out of my 2019 GT. Taken out at 16k miles. Nothing wrong with it. Looks great and works perfectly. Switched to euros and already sold the stock drivers side light. $199 takes it.
  15. Bad front tire wear - stock suspension

    Technically no. I went from 18” wheels to 20”. But offsets and overall tire diameter in the front were just about the same. And to the previous post, I check air regularly. I also can’t rotate because of the staggered setup I’m running.
  16. Bad front tire wear - stock suspension

    I don’t know who’s the bigger idiot: me for not knowing is positive or negative was toe in, or them for telling me it was toe out (originally 0.01 on both sides) and they fixed it. Looks like they did it backwards from what I asked for. I said I thought it needed to be more toe in based on the...
  17. Bad front tire wear - stock suspension

    Ford said it’s all good. If I want to flatten out the camber, then it will be $450 to wobble out the strut holes to allow more adjustment apparently. They didn’t seem concerned about the tire wear. Not entirely thrilled with my visit
  18. Bad front tire wear - stock suspension

    I’ve got a 2019 GT that I’ve put about 17k miles on now. I switched out the wheels and tires about 12k miles ago and yesterday day noticed that the inside section of tread on both front tires are worn down to the chords. The rest of the tire isn’t even to the west bars yet. This is a daily...
  19. Roush Grille or Bumper for Mustang GT Premium (2020)

    I’d get the Roush one and don’t worry about it. It’s a good looking grille. Just don’t be putting cobra emblems on your EB or GT.
  20. Issues ordering from BMR?

    They got back to me today. Looks like I’m looking at a July 8th shipping date…