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  1. Consistent limp mode

    Bouncing off the limiter isn't advised. Maybe better tires so your not spinning.
  2. Vortech V3 21 Mustang Drag Times

    I've got a converter that will help the 60. Looks about what my car ran on the v3jt as well. Some get into the 9s but I have up and went v7jtb.
  3. 2018 Active Exhaust Install Guide

    I thought the wiring diagram was in this thread. I'll need to look on my computer.
  4. Project NO1CARES (5.2/YSI-B/TH400)

    I was recommended 373 as well. Still awaiting parts....
  5. Interesting dyno test (cats and boost)

    it applies to NA as well
  6. 2022 mustang gt cam swap

    Understand completely, I did too in a previous life. Just answering a possible why.
  7. 2022 mustang gt cam swap

    What he said. Unless going for all out NA or opposed to FI the money is better spent on FI; is what most people conclude. Though some people still do it. Seems like 35-50ish hp NA, but that might have been Gen2. Sound should be almost the same with the VCTs. I am doing comp stage 2 blower...
  8. 1st 6sec SN550 IRS

    Bryan getting it done.
  9. Kooks 2 inch Headers

    In for the info currently 1 7/8 and did pretty much everything else.
  10. Have you ever broken a defouler?

    Perhaps it's time to go full 3" to relieve backpressure; probably wouldn't have prevented it but it's an excuse to spend more money.
  11. Scammed by Jackson1320

    The moderators should be able to do an ip comparison.
  12. Let’s talk about return style fuel systems

    I have heard about the issue of less than 1/2 a tank, but have numerous hits at less than 1/2 a tank with no issues. I don't race around corners though.
  13. Project NO1CARES (5.2/YSI-B/TH400)

    Yeah I don't think they end up being that different with the correct converter.
  14. Project NO1CARES (5.2/YSI-B/TH400)

    What all he said was why I went th400. The other thing I liked about it, was if I get to a point where two gears will work better than three, the th400 can be built that way. It also has 2nd gear leave options (not doing it as the converter won't be right). It is heavier and takes more power...
  15. Project NO1CARES (5.2/YSI-B/TH400)

    turnswrench and 80foxcoupe are my inspiration, well and of course you too (vortech guys need all the help we can get). I am going to put the watson bolt in 6 point. It isn't a cage, but should provide some protection and allow for harnesses; it will limit me to track rentals though. Also...
  16. Project NO1CARES (5.2/YSI-B/TH400)

    it is 20%, yep going big; went ahead and got comp cams as well, I spent the money on heads so I figured I should take advantage even if it was just a little more. I hope to make as much as Terry did or more. I know the 400 will eat some, but I really don't care what the dyno says just trying...
  17. Project NO1CARES (5.2/YSI-B/TH400)

    I have his old balancer, but did get a new one with the build. Forgot about that, need to see if I can sale it. And I went dual key on the callies crank.
  18. Project NO1CARES (5.2/YSI-B/TH400)

    Yeah, it was to good to pass up. I sold the intercooler (it was too big), thanks Walter sorry it didn't work. I kept the bv57s and got a intercooler built similar to his just a tad smaller with dual bovs like his was. The 10 rib kit I will use, just got the tkm, but want to sort the th400...
  19. Project NO1CARES (5.2/YSI-B/TH400)

    Where'd you get the water pump pulley? I got Terry's old 10 rib kit, came with electric pump and still debating on whether to run it or not.