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  1. NCM

    Agreed but man that track is fast and technical. I just with they didn't have the sound restriction, then the track would be perfect!
  2. The Big Fat Track Car Cooling Thread

    I was thinking of originally running a therm controlled fan pack in addition to the factory tranny cooler and mounting it remotely also. I didn't do it that way but still feel it will work. You will just not want the fan in the way of any air movement to the other cooling system in my opinon. My...
  3. S550 trans/oil cooling system upgrade

    I posted more pics and results in the big fat track car cooling thread. Results are great at this point in time. I texted it in 97-101 ambient air temps and it kept the car around 210-215ish. I'm happy with that. That was also running the fire out it!
  4. S550 Lap Times (Road Course)

    Heartland Motorsports Park update Full 2.5 mile course, fast turn one and slow turn 8 Make/Model/engine/trans/packages: 2018 GT PPL1 magnaride 10 speed auto Track/Course: Heartland Motorsports Park Best Lap Time: 1:52.11 Brake Pads: hawks dtc70 front dtc60 rear Tires (Size & Model)...
  5. The Big Fat Track Car Cooling Thread

    So to add to my cooling (or what I hope will help) I have been working on a brake cooling set up. I used the lower cervinis grill to match the upper. This opens up the lower grill a bit more than stock to help expose my coolers for more air. On the outside portion of the openings is the...
  6. NCM

    NCM is a awesome facility and will definitely put a car through the paces.
  7. Fire Extinguisher Mount

    I don’t think it’s going anywhere personally but if you are just tie it into the other front seat bolt like someone did above.
  8. Fire Extinguisher Mount

    Mine was simple and cheap and it doesn’t move around.
  9. The Big Fat Track Car Cooling Thread

    ddozer~ I like your set up a lot. I plan on opening up the lower grill which is in route this week to expose more of the cooler to fresh air. I plan to counter act the increased air into the engine compartment with hood vents or a new hood to decrease the pressure and lift. We shall see how it...
  10. FTB Diff Cooler Installed

    Mine is still plugging along with no issues on street or track use. I only have about 1k miles on the set up so far but I have the therm set low enough to on a hot day of highway driving it'll kick on. Prob should up it a bit but on the track it doesn't see above 180ish
  11. Fire Extinguisher Mount

    I used a piece of strap steel and mounted it to the inside front passenger seat bolt and it lays along the transmission tunnel. Cost about $10 and it doesn't move around at all and I can get to it fairly easily. I'll try to dig up a pic or grab one this evening.
  12. The Big Fat Track Car Cooling Thread

    I haven’t tested my new setup yet but hope to next Friday if the schedule allows.
  13. Where are your next events?

    I just signed up for the Mustang Club of America's 3 day HPDE event. It is called Stampede to the Heartland and is at Heartland Motorsports Park in Topeka KS. It is a great track and it would be great to have some others join! July 18/19/20
  14. GT Magnaride and PP2 Rotor Backing Plates

    This is the only pic I have but it has the caliper and rotor mounted. You can tell by looking at the center of the hub that it is different than a standard mustang setup. It uses a 4 bolt hub design also but not sure I have a pic of that.
  15. 2019 GT/PP Lowering spring magneride

    Lethal is who I have bought most of my BMR stuff from and other items. Great company to deal with!
  16. 2019 GT/PP Lowering spring magneride

    I am running the BMR magnaride handling springs. They will lower the car a fuzz, like half inch to an inch but increase the spring rate. It firms up the ride a bit but they aid in track use if your going to do some HPDE etc. That is what I do with my car and I'd do them all over again for sure.
  17. GT Magnaride and PP2 Rotor Backing Plates

    Magnaride cars have a different spindle. I think it is better than the standard option due to the larger wheel bearing and 4 bolt hub assembly, but all that makes the dimensions different. When I have tried contacting the 3 or 4 manufacturers of these for non magnaride cars they all state they...
  18. S550 trans/oil cooling system upgrade

    So I’ve been working for a few weeks when I have extra time on my car and putting together what I hope is a cooling system upgrade. With the 10R80 heat issues I wanted to do something to cool it down a bit on the track. I really haven’t had any oil related heat issues but once. I figured it...
  19. GT Magnaride and PP2 Rotor Backing Plates

    Has anyone been working behind the scenes on a GT PP1/PP2 rotor backing plate for the magnaride equipped cars? I am going to try and have something built if no one is on the cusp of a break through for a part like this. It would be nice to have some brake cooling on my car and I can't be the...
  20. Differential cover bolts

    Yeah you will get in deep on this one. It has to come out as part of the bolts that fasten the diff to the cradle go through the cover, but either way it all has to come out.