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  1. Intercooler question

    I’m doing some upgrades on the wife’s HPP. mods so fare •roush intake •turbosmart BOV (sound amazing) •jlt driver side catch can it has actives exhaust so I don’t think I’ll mess with that unless I can find a better sounding active system which I doubt. just need intercooler. When we drove...
  2. North Carolina 2018 +Smoked taillights and tires for sale

    Selling these taillights out of my 2019 there darker then I like. 440 shipped PayPal only also have a set of staggered 19s 275/40/19 245/45/19. Pick up one for tires 600
  3. North Carolina WTB Renegade smoked taillight

    I’m looking for a set of good working renegade smoked sequential taillights. 2018-2023. Only.
  4. Forgestar fake warranty

    To all my forgestar wheel owners out here. Who has used the “ lifetime structure warranty”. if so please share your experience Being that this car is only drove on Sunny weekend. It don’t see much road time. Till now … I was driving Down 85 and I as I went to pass some one the car...
  5. Im looking for ngauge cable

    Dose any one know where I can find a new nguage OBD2 cable. I think mine is going bad.
  6. 2019 throwout bearing hunt

    Hey I’m is search for a Ford Throwout Bearing (2018-2020 Mustang with Manual Transmission) - JR3Z-7A508-A. My local dealerships don’t have any on hand and I’m not gonna pay 250 for it from then anyway. Dose anyone know of a reputable place I can get one at a sensible price.
  7. boosted performance

    hey hey all my nc guys. has anyone here ever used boosted performance. I need a clutch installed
  8. Clutch poll lets gets some input

    So I have hit my 30k mileage mark and problems are starting to show like lockout in second gear in higher rpm 5k and up. So it time to replace.
  9. Will 2018+ gt350 factory hood fit standard gt

    Looking at doing some light body mods over the winter has any one ever put a factor gt350 hood on there Gt.
  10. North Carolina Want to buy magnetic metallic performance pack spoiler

    I Want to buy magnetic metallic performance pack spoiler I’m in NC. Let me know what y’all got.
  11. North Carolina what to buy corsa H pipe

    Im looking for a corsa H pipe. and I can't justify paying 600$ for new one. lmk
  12. 2020+ hpp tune question

    im working on a 2020 hpp, mod list Roush intake, steeda clutch spring , turbosmart bov (crazy loud). I have contacted Roush and ford performance for factory friendly tune but both said the Ecoboost tunes will not work with the hpp. so what tune/tuner are most people with this...
  13. North Carolina Mbrp catback for sale

    Selling my mbrp cat back. Only reason I’m selling Is because I’m trying out Corsa 300 obo. Pick up only. also selling black out grille
  14. North Carolina GT California sp/HPP Ecoboost decklid

    Selling decklids. 100$ shipped. Local pick up will be cheaper. GT 75 shipped. located In nor
  15. EcoBoost IWB Roush intake

    Just picked up a 2020 Hpp ecoboost. And now I’m looking for a roush cai.
  16. has any used Ethos Handcrafted Car Care ceramic

    has anyone here used any Ethos Handcrafted Car Care products
  17. stainless steel clutch line upgrade

    Has any one done the steeda or sve stainless steel clutch line upgrade. And if so was it worth the trouble.
  18. Flex fuel tune vs emissions test

    Is it possible to pass emissions test on ff tune or will I need to flash back to stock.
  19. Debating headers

    So I’m at a crossroad as of now I have palm beach dyno tune , mbrp cat back and injen cold air intake. Just would like some opinions if catted headers are worth all the headaches of installing. And what’s the average gains. also debating on swapping to awe touring exhaust.
  20. Palm beach ngauge tune

    Is anyone here running a ngauge with palm beach. And if so what do u think of it.