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  1. 2018 GT E85 Lund tune....Long Tube headers next?

    How much HP am I missing out on by not doing headers? Is it worth the price ? I can get some stainless power headers for 1200 installed. 6speed btw. Corsa extreme catback
  2. Bmr cradle lockout and Steeda vert links

    just had these installed and when I got WOT from second gear at 2500 rpm my tires are spinning like crazy. Shift to third and it starts to want to go sideways. Mind you I’m doing this all on one street, maybe it’s the way the street is paved? 2018 GT MT82 Ultralite springs Bmr cradle lockout...
  3. Steeda rear shock mount dust covers

    how do you put these covers on so they will stay? Kinda confused and how detrimental is it not to have them
  4. First tune...

    went with Lund. Got my 93 tune and did my data logging tonight so I can get sent my flex and dedicated e85 During this wait, what are some good gauges to keep an eye on? I see some people saying something like avg 30* what does that mean? What should I be monitoring?
  5. 2018 GT non PP 1/4 mile time question

    Read that this car does the 1/4 mile in 12.6 where as the auto can do it in 11.8 or 11.9 bone stock What mods would have to be added to get this car running up to par of a bone stock auto N/A of course.
  6. Difference in front end non pp vs pp 2018 GT

    what’s the difference? I ask because I saw this last night.
  7. Eibach Sportline springs question

    2018 GT Non PP with 255 wheels up front and 285 wheels on the rear. I also have upgraded my stock Shocks to the PP shocks. My question is for my stock non PP big of a deal is it that I upgrade these before I put the eibach sportlines on? Are the stock struts good enough? I know...
  8. Changed my shocks....omg...

    I have a 2018 GT non PP. A local shop that was recommmended by members on this site sold me some used great condition performance pack shocks for $200 labor included. He let me take a look at the shocks I was going to buy from him and he said push down and man they were quite stuff and strong...
  9. Tuning an 18 GT Non PP manual. Worth it?

    i know tunes can really help the A10 be even more beastly but what about manuals? Are tunes helpful for manuals? By as much as an auto? If someone could shed some light plz
  10. Ford PremiumCARE warranty

    So i have this. I was wondering if i can sell this back? IF so has anyone done it? How much would i get back if allowed?
  11. Grabber blue wrap question

    I have a black 2018 GT.....wondering how much it would be if i wanted to wrap it grabber blue? I know that you can't give me an exact amount but I was curious for a ball park
  12. Stock Intake and a tune vs CAI and tune 2018 GT

    As the title states. With a lot of talk of IAT....would it be dumb to get a tune with the stock intake? All I have done to my 2018 GT is a full cat corsa xtreme and bigger staggered tires. What would my gains roughly be? I was seriously considering the 400 dollar steeda CAI with a Lund tune but...
  13. Lowering my 2018 GT Non PP

    What else do I need to get with my Non PP 2018 GT when i lower it? Camber? Also can someone suggest a lowering spring for it? I dont have stock tires either. I have it staggered with 19 X 8.5 front wheels with 255/40ZR-19 Michelin pilot sport 4s XL 19 X 9.5 285/35ZR-19 Michelin Pilot sport...
  14. 2018 Mustang GT Non-pp Manual gear ratio question

    Unfortunately I didn’t get the PP like I should have. I have upgraded my wheels and tires already. I’m looking to my next upgrade. I was thinking CAI with a tune and headers but then I got looking at the performance package features and what I was missing. The Torsen slip differential with 3.73...