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  1. FS: Stock Performance Pack Wheels

  2. SCT X4 Tuner / MMR GT350 TB Adapter

  3. FS: Steeda IRS Bushing Support/Alignment Bushing

    Brand new never opened. Will sell separately and all prices are shipped. IRS Bushing Supports - Sold. Alignment Bushings - Sold.
  4. 2015 Ford Mustang GT Premium PP Black.

    Hey guys putting out a feeler for my '15 GT Premium. I'm the second owner (bought from a dealer). I purchased the car in December of last year with 340 miles on it. Car is a performance pack car, manual (mt-82), equipment group 401a which includes the shaker audio system, blind spot sensor w/...
  5. FS: Procharger Stage II D1SC Tuner Kit

    Thinking about selling my D1SC kit. Its brand new and only opened to ensure that I received all the parts undamaged. All is accounted for and ready to go. For now I'd like to sell it locally only in the (PA, NJ, NY, DE) area. I'd be willing to meet within a reasonable distance for someone local...
  6. ARH LTs 1 7/8ths - O2 Sensor Extensions

    Do you guys know if the sensor extensions are need to reach on the front O2s on a Manual GT car? Seen a few videos where they look used but ARH was saying they should reach without. Had a sensor die on me Bank 2 Sensor 1 but if I need an extension i'd rather get it before it going on the lift...
  7. Vanquisher's '15 GT Build Log

    Hello All. Figure'd I'll start one these on here. :cheers: I've had a few cars over the years. Coming from the GM camp I had a 5th gen camaro that I had built to over 1k+ RWHP, Heads/Cam/Pulley'd Gen2 CTS-V, and an RS5 for a shortwhile. Decided I won't probably go too far with this one. Goal...