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  1. 630hp 1963.5 Voodoo Ford Falcon

    I’m not sure if this has been shared or not, but Jorgen Moller Jr. and Race Deck just made a 1963.5 Ford Falcon powered by a “modified 630hp” Voodoo. The car is badass and a work of art. I’m struggling to find details on what was all done to the motor to squeeze that amount of horsepower out of...
  2. First Look: Iconic Silver GT350R

    Mike Dean has the dream job. And that R in silver looks stunning.
  3. Velocity Blue GT500 First Look

    From Mike Dean’s Instagram
  4. Hope for Manual Lovers! *Fingers crossed*
  5. Any R Owners in Wisconsin? (You Won’t Believe This)

    So I just got off the phone with a dealer back in my homestate, they said the reason they couldn’t get an R is because “they’re not street legal in Wisconsin.” I laughed when the manager told me that. He even went as far to say the owner tried purchasing one and they couldn’t get one for him...
  6. PPF Question

    Can anyone recommend what areas to wrap my car in PPF if I only plan to drive it on the street? I’d like to save some money because I know wrapping the whole car ain’t cheap.
  7. Question for R owners

    It seems that the resonator deletes on regular GT350’s create a lot of pops when letting off the throttle (which personally I’m not a fan of). Does the R make as frequents pop noises as well?
  8. 2019 in Velocity Blue!

    Found these on instagram today. Velocity Blue looks stunning in the sun.