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  1. "Click" / ping from axle. LOUD! Help?

    Hey guys. I've been having this problem for the past week. If it's the CV joint, would that be warrantied as part of the powertrain? Because my warranty literally expired a month ago.
  2. Gas Mileage numbers are out for 2018 Mustangs

    Good job. A red herring and a strawman fallacy at the same time. I never said they were "efficient." I also never compared the v8 with other engines to tout their efficiency. I'll put it in clearer terms: this v8 engine is more efficient than the last, by a significant degree. EDIT: Looks...
  3. Gas Mileage numbers are out for 2018 Mustangs

    I'm seeing a lot of confusion here about basic math. In terms of fuel consumed, the variable in the MPG measure is at the bottom of the fraction - the denominator. This means that every point increase is not linear, but rather goes as 1/x. In other words, at lower MPGs, every additional MPG is...
  4. First track trip with the Whipple

    Nearly stock weight and 149? I'd bet the car makes about 1,000 hp, easy.
  5. Collonite #915 Wax.

    I'm probably in the minority, but I love how 845 smells. It's like petrol, heavy industrial solvents, crazy-ass nanopolymer science smelling stuff. None of that fruity shit other manufacturers go for. I mean, it's a fucking car wax, not a wax candle. It smells like performance.
  6. 2015 FBO E85 Dyno Runs

    W/e just run it at the track and see your ET. That'll settle it. With 480 whp, you should be seeing what, about 117mph? Or thereabouts?

    50whp doesn't sound right, unless it's in the mid-range. Two questions. 1) Is this 50 whp over stock tune using 93 as well? 2) Can you post a dyno sheet?
  8. Tire Nitrogen In A Can??

    Even higher. A tire is at 32 psi nominal, which means 32 psi over atmospheric - that is, 32+14.7 ~ 47psi. Water boils at about 280 degrees F at that pressure. In any case, you're not right. Boiling isn't the only way water vapor exists. In other words, water does not need to reach boiling...
  9. Octane on 17' GT

    On a stock tune, I see very little difference between 87 and 93. On a blind test, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. By the way, the owner's manual specifically says there's a 1% power difference between those two fuels. on 435, that's less than 5hp. And when you factor in the...
  10. Wanted: MID 11's stealth recipe

    You want to look stock yet you'll be purging that NOS on the line? Suggestion: purge it inside the car, windows closed. Even if you don't win, you'll be so high you'll think you won anyways. ;)
  11. GT350 Track Pack Spoiler Black or Body Color?

    I went carbon fiber on my magnetic. Beastly.
  12. Going to 19x10 square - looking for tires

    I hear the new Conti tires pretty much match the MPSS dry performance (dunno wet and life) for 70% cost.
  13. Roush really stands by their product.

    So, couple of weeks ago I noticed left AB was rattling. Maybe a weld broke loose or something. I was feeling kinda bummed out since I had purchased the AB's about a year and a half ago. Anyways, I wrote to Roush explaining the problem and asked whether this could be fixed, or if they would...
  14. Window is possessed.

    UPDATE: Took the car back to the dealer. Spoke to supervisor, who insisted that the issue was the programming. He spoke at length about all the technical intricacies of the window mechanism, among which were the following surprising statements: 1) the sensor is not damaged because "there's no...
  15. Default driving mode/last driving mode

    +1. Pretty much my daily routine.
  16. Window is possessed.

    Car is still under warranty, so i would like the dealer to fix it. Problem is, dealer insists on "reprogramming" something, and wont replace the motor. Is there any way I can convince them to replace tge motor? Every time i leave the car at the dealer it is easily 1 week+.
  17. Window is possessed.

    I have no idea, to be honest. But that will be my approach now.
  18. Window is possessed.

    My passenger-side window is randomly doing that thing that happens when the door is opened with the window shut (cracks open just a bit when the door is opened). But it's doing it constantly even when the car is turned off. As if there's a sensor or programming failure with the window. At...
  19. MRR M350 square + spacers?

    I have m350's already. They are not flush...
  20. MRR M350 square + spacers?

    Paul, i just learned that there are two ttpes of spacers. The thinner ones use extendes studs and the others can ve bolted on. It seems that extended studs are really expensive from what ive seen, so it may make sense to use a thicker bolt on spacer. Would 20mm look good? What is a good brand...