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  1. Ford App remote start question?

    Hello, It seems the app will allow you to start the car through it, but only once. After that you have to use the key fob before it will allow you to remote start the car through the app. Can this be changed. I like to start it every week and let it run 10 minutes . but at times am away...
  2. Euro tail lights, Ice trim tail lights ?

    Hello. Anyone know if the Ice trim USA clear /white tail lights have amber turn color like the euro lights or are they red turn and brake. Thanks.
  3. Merry Christmas

    Here is hoping you all get what you asked for, and a speeding ticket free new year.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving

    Stay safe.
  5. The REAL Reasons FM No Longer Builds V8s (FM Live)

    The REAL Reasons FM No Longer Builds V8s (FM Live)
  6. Are the 2015 to 23 rear seats the same?

    Or was their changes in the model break, 2015-17 and then 2018-up. Thinking of finding a extra set of bottoms for a idea, And rather use junkyard take outs over the ones in my car ATM. Thanks.
  7. Front Brake pad life?

    These cars seem to have pads installed at the factory that are dust factories. What type life should one expect out of the factory sets? My thinking is anything making that much dust has to be wearing faster than most "standard" pads. I have an E/B -HPP, buy it seems the GT cars pads are also...
  8. Best way to search for a wrecked/reparable Mustang.

    I think I would like to find a loaded eb hhp car that has been had. And take that car and a Daytona coupe . and Build something different. Most of the D/C cars are v8. So this be different. We already have the Daytona Coupe.
  9. 1:24th diecast?

    Anyone make them for the 15-23 car. other than the nascar racers. Ideally I would like to get one in the same color as my full sized toy.
  10. What is needed to get an oasis report.

    Am I thinking correctly that this is like a marty report but from ford.
  11. Battery tenders? options?

    I bought battery tenders (TM) before 2 of them about 12 years ago. the brand is "Battery tender" What other brands are good and what should one steer clear of. I don't mind paying a little more for a unit that works like it should for years. I haven't even started to look for them yet, and...
  12. Cardead no power is there a battery saver or?

    I am going out with a multi meter soon, if the battery is really low, is it ok to jump it . to start it. 2020 with 2400 miles on it. Push start button and nothing, not even a click, no screens, and had to use metal key to get in. Be back in a few going to put a multimeter on the battery...
  13. Fort Myers last week.

    What a mess, but did still see a few gt's out driving. Those folks have a long road ahead, some areas are being told they might have internet back by the start of the new years. Hope anyone here and their family that live there are ok.
  14. What you think of the new Mustang?

    See poll
  15. Today's dumb question oil drain plug? how do you?

    Remove these? All my other vehicles have always had a bolt and washer, put a wrench on it, and boom. How do I remove this type? I rather looks stupid asking than, break it and be S.O.L. Thanks
  16. A neat lock to keep your tow rig and trailer from going missing

    Just thought I would pass this on. Mod's move it if needed. Simple and easy to make 2 of, and not hard to install, use an odd bolt head type that most thugs won't be carrying , torx's etc. and makes moving the trailer with all four tires locked up hard, and if they do, someone will know...
  17. Oil plug question? oil filter options?

    1)What does a 2020 HHP 2.3 turbo have for an oil drain plug, is it a normal screw in type of the new plastic twist thing? And if the plastic type, Does anyone have a part number by chance. Breaking it and then waiting on one is not ideal. I would rather have a spare on a shelf. As you know if...