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  1. 2019 tick and 2500+ rpm rattle

    keep us updated when you take it in about what happened.
  2. Odd experience with tailgating yesterday

    It's like my exhaust pisses the person off i pass and they are like oh im gonna show you and start riding my ass. My go to ? Prob shouldn't do this but...when im feeling moody i slow them down by letting off the gas all the way to 20 mph.....if they have decided to stay behind me after this...
  3. Anyone else having a long wait from PBD?

    What was it reading at before it was fixed?
  4. Highly Recommend Lund Tune!

    One thing i would try to remember is that the elevation and weather, while its affecting your car, its also affecting everyone else. So no matter what it should be even right? Just like if you had your car and another one in a diff state, numbers would change and still be on equal footing.
  5. 2018 GT E85 Lund tune....Long Tube headers next?

    Great post, thank you for the reply sir.
  6. 2018 GT E85 Lund tune....Long Tube headers next?

    This is all so weird with the gain you are saying with the PMAS. That is a lot of gain for just a CAI and I was told by my Lund tuner that it was kinda pointless to upgrade my CAI as the 18+ models show no gains with one. The stock one is already bigger in diameter vs the 15-17 ones. I would...
  7. 2018 GT E85 Lund tune....Long Tube headers next?

    How much HP am I missing out on by not doing headers? Is it worth the price ? I can get some stainless power headers for 1200 installed. 6speed btw. Corsa extreme catback
  8. Bmr cradle lockout and Steeda vert links

    And the Steeda vert links right ?
  9. Bmr cradle lockout and Steeda vert links

    Yes it is a clean spin, zero wheel hop at all. I am pretty sure it was the temps and my summer tires (duh) Today its quite warmer and it isnt happening.
  10. Question on E85 flex tune to 93 octane tune

    @Bluemustang when watching the AFR what should we be seeing? Numbers wise what is right and what is wrong?
  11. Bmr cradle lockout and Steeda vert links

    It might be the lund tune and the cooler weather Norm. I just got this tune and i got it a few days before the rear suspension mods went on. I know the 93 tune numbers wise isnt a huge upgrade but it feels night and day from what I had, it feels stronger and its very noticeable. Maybe this is is...
  12. Bmr cradle lockout and Steeda vert links

    just had these installed and when I got WOT from second gear at 2500 rpm my tires are spinning like crazy. Shift to third and it starts to want to go sideways. Mind you I’m doing this all on one street, maybe it’s the way the street is paved? 2018 GT MT82 Ultralite springs Bmr cradle lockout...
  13. Steeda rear shock mount dust covers

    how do you put these covers on so they will stay? Kinda confused and how detrimental is it not to have them
  14. First tune...

    What setting do I check to see the quality of my 93 gas?
  15. First tune...

    went with Lund. Got my 93 tune and did my data logging tonight so I can get sent my flex and dedicated e85 During this wait, what are some good gauges to keep an eye on? I see some people saying something like avg 30* what does that mean? What should I be monitoring?
  16. PP Strut Tower Brace kit + Cowl Extension + Lower K Brace Install Guide

    im putting these part numbers into ford performance site and a lot of the time its not coming up....any chance we could get links to this stuff?
  17. Shocks, springs and camber plates

    Was it noticeable?
  18. Shocks, springs and camber plates

    The drop rate of the springs are the exact same right? I understand why you wanted to switch to adjustable struts and shocks but why the spring change? Wanted to just uniform under the steeda brand? Not trying to be too nosey im honestly killing my brain over which springs to go with. I have...
  19. Shocks, springs and camber plates

    what springs did you switch to?
  20. Lund Flex Tune First Impressions on 93

    I know these tunes are great for the A10 but how much do these tunes help a manual 2018 GT?