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  1. Need help with switching out Recaros to std power bucket seats

    hey how much did the dealer charge you to get the seats to work.
  2. California WTT-Leather Recaro seats for Premium seats

    Was asking 400 but traded the seats already to a member here
  3. California WTT-Leather Recaro seats for Premium seats

    Hey just looking to trade up my leather Recaros for Leather premium seats plus cash on top. Must be from 15-17 seats. Recaros are coming from a 16 gt. Nothing wrong just normal wear and tear, just got tired of them and wanting something more comfortable. Located in California would prefer to...

    And yes you see on screen plus you do here it as well through speakers

    Little car with sensors pops up in reverse camera in the top right corner and you can turn off sensors in settings if you like
  6. California Steeda Springs for Sale

    alright lets do it
  7. California Steeda Springs for Sale

    I would love to take these of your hands I'm in Los Angeles idk how far you are but willing to do $200
  8. California Steeda Springs for Sale

    And what part of cali
  9. California Steeda Springs for Sale

    what springs did you go with if you don't mind me asking

    I did this like 2 years ago but i had to buy the the a whole rear bumper with sensor holes as the brackets are on the bumper and ford doesn’t sell them separately. Good write up
  11. Modifying As-Built Data Guide

    Yeah i thought so.
  12. Modifying As-Built Data Guide

    Da Damn sucks.
  13. Modifying As-Built Data Guide

    Can you do this on a manual
  14. California RPM 47LB Injectors from rudd performance for 11-20 GT

    Hi i'm selling my RPM 47lb injectors from rudd performance asking $150 plus shipping.
  15. How to Enable Heated/Cooled after Swapping from Base to Premium Seats

    hey really thinking of trading my recaros for heated and cooled seats how much for the harness to make heated and cooled seats to work mine is a 16 plus how bout the power seats?