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  1. Loaded 3.31 diff in to a boosted 3.73 PP car..

    I've boosted my 16 GTPP with a Roush P2 (625whp). Currently its running the std. 3.73 Trac-Loc (not Torsen, its a EUDM car). I want to go 3.31s.... can I just buy a loaded 3.31 and drop it straight in, or am I missing something? The current diff has 60k miles on it and is trashed. Thanks for...
  2. Best exhaust clamps?

    I have LTH LTs and a Ford Racing Borla catback. I have a leak where they join (pipe diameters are the same). I can hear it when driving and it also stinks (catless LTs). What are the best exhaust clamps out there? Right now I'm using then OEM clamps that came with the car from Ford. I would...
  3. 4k Roush P2 POV review.

    Thought maybe some of you might like this. YT POV review of my Roush P2 car. Nicely edited by the production company and shot with good equipment. 4K video if your equipment can handle it :) And they touched 180mph on the autobahn stretches :)
  4. Borla / Ford Racing interchangeable? Parts compatibility question

    Hi folks, Exhaust question. Does anyone know if the Borla 60561 resonated H will fit directly into the Ford Racing (by Borla) M-5200-M8SBV GT350 style catback? Or do I need to stick to the specific Ford Racing equivalent part...? I'm looking to tame down my current system. Thanks!
  5. Modified 16 6MT difficult/impossible to select R,1,2

    Hey folks, brain picking time. Full mods below: 16 PP1 6MT Roush SC 625WHP catless LTs LPX800 clutch MGW racespec McLeod release bearing, stainless lines BMR rear cradle lockout, including drilled pumpkin The SC kit was installed about two months ago, along with the new LPX800 clutch...
  6. New Roush install. Bucking/surging/hesitating. Logs attached

    Hi, Wondering if anybody would be able to help, im trying to troubleshoot my new Roush P2 (727bhp) install on my 16GT. Its using a custom tune (not the Roush canned tune). Ive noticed that often under constant light throttle the car will feel like its hesitating and then surging and then...
  7. Roush Phase 2, 2016 car, whats this connector please?

    Any of you folks with Roush experience, could you tell me if this electrical plug & connector on the rear passenger side of the SC should be connected to anything, or even each other? Or should they be like this? Just curious, thanks :)
  8. European GTPP1, Roush Supercharged

    Ive been on the forum a long time, but havent been around mch lately. Bought my EU GTPP1 back in June 2016 and put some 60k miles on it since then. After 5 years of indecision, I finally bit the bullet and bought myself an SC kit back in December, which has just been fitted and the car is back...
  9. What should I expect? Roush phase 2 with extras.

    I can finally post in the FI section. After 5 1/2yrs and 60k miles, I bought a SC for my GTPP1 (EU spec car). Its a Roush Phase 2 SC, on top of which i've added some ID1050X injectors and of course some OPGs and a crank sprocket. The car will be custom Dyno tuned here locally for 93 fuel (No...
  10. Best throwout bearing? Recommendations

    My throwout / release bearing is shit. Its going dry, squeaks often and sometimes locks me out of the transmission. Its not even very old, but I dont think it was bled correctly on the bench by the shop when installed, hence problems. Im going to replace it again, but are there any other...
  11. CEL P2251 with LT headers. o2 sensors?

    Hi folks, First issue in a long time for me. 2016 GT with 70k miles. Been running LTH catless LTs for the last two years and 15-20k miles. Tuned by Lund. Zero issues. Suddenly got a crappy idle, occasional stall, and even more terrible fuel consumption than usual. My Ngauge is picking a...
  12. Yellow and Grey Mustangs, are the best Mustangs!

    Nearly 3 yrs driving Magnetic. Time for a change...... its now Matte Sunflower Metallic. Safe to say, I like it :)
  13. Matt Sunflower PWF wrap

    Hi Folks, As far as Googling can tell me, this is the first S550 to be wrapped in PWF Matt Sunflower Yellow. Gloss black accents and rear tints. Suits the lines of the S550 really well I think, although it is quite 'in your face'! It certainly makes a grey day a bit brighter. :)
  14. Performance Times. Dragy. Post em up

    I bought a DRAGY Its awesome. Basically its a Vbox, but for about 1/4 of the price. Full 10GHZ and GLONASS GPS performance meter. Completely accurate. Been out to ze autobahn this morning and laid down a 9.48S 100-200kph time (62-125mph). For a manual car, that quite...
  15. Wanted: GT H-PIPE

    Looking for a H-PIPE New or used. To fit a 2016 GT. Let me know.
  16. Any general or Mustang specific events, London, 7/8/9 Dec?

    UK crowd, Im in London with the GT 7/8/9 December and was wondering if there is anything going on. Mustang specific or even a more general event. Otherwise ill probably just mooch up to the Ace Cafe at some point. Thanks for any tips :)
  17. MY18 manifold install

    Evening folks. Ive finally had this done today. 2016 GT. Installed a MY2018 inlet manifold. Using a LUND tune. IMRC locked out using MMR plates (and removed in the Lund software). OEM MY18 TB OEM GT350 CAI Airaid GT500 dry filter Catback The complete MY18 install, incl the man hours...
  18. BMR BK049. NVH increase, personal experience

    Hey folks, As per title. Those of you who have installed the BMR BK049 diff carrier bushings upgrade, how much increase in NVH have you experienced? Mine were installed last week, and they are butter smooth (so no increase in vibration or harshness), but there is a LOT of extra noise...
  19. BMR BK049 - whats going on?

    Shout out to BMR Tech I have a busted car and need your BK049 bushing set. I ordered via Jegs on 05/02 with a 24hr dispatch. I then get a mail advising out of stock until 05/15 Now today I get a mail saying shipping date is unknown.... Let me say, I would LOVE to order from you...
  20. ZL1 add-ons splitter extensions

    Folks, Anyone running these? Im tempted, but would love to see some real-life photos beyond what is on their own website. Thanks :)