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  1. FS: Quad Exhaust, Cervini Grilles, Splash Guard

  2. A few things...

    - SCT X4 - $270 shipped - Brand New 24" O2 extensions - $25 shipped - UPR Catch Can - $160 shipped
  3. Roush Heat Extractor

  4. A few Parts For Sale

    everything has been sold.
  5. Stuff For SALE!

  6. WTB Roush Cold Air Intake

    PM me
  7. Sacramento shops Longtube install?

    Anyone know any good Sacramento shops or in the surrounding areas that can do longtube installs?
  8. FS: Steeda Extreme Ultralite Springs Fronts ONLY

    Brand New. Decided these would make my front end too low to my liking. These are Fronts ONLY. $130 shipped.
  9. Lund Flex Fuel Tuning

    Hey guys, im sure most of you guys have done the FF tune with Lund already. I am ready to pick up a tune and the FF tune is what I am aiming for. Originally I was gonna go with AED but that has changed. Anyway, does Lund do datalog tuning or is it basically he sends you a custom canned tune that...
  10. LU47 Injectors

    Looking to buy, pm me please!!
  11. WTB OEM Ceramic Leather Seat Covers

    WTB OEM Ceramic Leather Seat Covers, PM me with Price
  12. WTT for Eibach Sportline front springs

    Looking to trade my brand new front only BMR performance springs for Eibach Sportline front springs.
  13. Door adjustment

    Anyone have a shop book that shows how to adjust the doors? I took it in once for my driver's door already, they fixed it to where it isn't chipping paint but the driver's door still sits further forward than the passenger side so i want to try and adjust it myself instead of taking it to the...
  14. GT Decklid Panel

    Was off the car in 500-600 miles. Was too lazy to post it up. You can tell by the dated picture...took the pic on Memorial day (which was a month after I took it off)...haha. $100 shipped.
  15. Anderson Composite GT350 Fenders

    Anyone interested in buying these? Need the money for something else. Have not gotten them painted yet. Looking for $660 picked up. Don't forget if you order them new you have to pay $175 for freight shipping. I am eating the cost of that. Located in Norcal. These are the fiberglass...
  16. FS Magnaflow Quad Tips - Norcal

    Been on the car for about 300 miles. Thinking of going back to just duals. Not gonna remove them until someone wants them. Pm me for questions. Looking for SCT X4 or Koni or FRPP shocks too. $1100 OBO
  17. WTB Ford Racing Rear Shocks

    Looking for an SCT X4 Also! PM me!
  18. UPR Catch Can - Front Mount

    OK, so received a bunch of parts in the mail today. The UPR catch can being one of them. UPR vert links also arrived. It's a catch can, not really much you need to know to install it (no instructions included); however mine looked a little funny. There were a lot of threads showing so I...
  19. Headlight tints

    Anyone notice how the tints enhance the haziness of the stock lenses when you have the lights on? When off it isnt that bad, but when the lights are on you can see it. Doesn't bother me but wondering if anyone else notices this and if they fixed this?
  20. BUYING Eibach Sportlines

    Message me