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  1. Florida FS: 2022 Mustang GT 3100 miles, priced to sell with extras! GT500 look.

    Putting up for sale my 2022 Mustang GT. It is stock except for the GT500 Front End and side skirts, which were professionally installed here just about 2 months ago. Car is in mint condition but my job is moving me out of the country Jan 2023. Blacked out badging GT500 Front End and Rocker...
  2. Start up oil pressure 100 psi?? 80 to 100 psi cruising?

    So today I got in my new 22 GT PP to go to work. I noticed that on a cold start my oil pressure was pretty much topped out at 90 to 100 psi. Let it sit for a few mins to try and let the oil warm up. Even going down the road for a while it still was extremely high. Anything above 1.2k RPMS...
  3. 2022 HPDE/Daily Driver GT Performance Pack Build

    So I guess I will start a build thread. Picked up a brand new 2022 GT manual with the Performance Package about a week ago. Plan is to build it into a aggressive HPDE track car and also utilize it as a part time daily driver. Current Mod list as of today: None Parts Ordered: MBRP Pro Series...
  4. 2022 Mustang GT with Performance Package - Getting it ready for track events?

    Hey everyone, So I picked up a brand new 2022 GT. I am very familiar with the platform from a drag racing perspective but not from a road course event perspective. First thing I am noticing is that heat is a big issue for these cars. Seeing lots of threads on that. Checking Lethal Performaces...
  5. New 2022 Mustang GT with bolt ons and E-85 tune

    Anyone have a rough idea what this would produce to the ground? Looking at pulling the trigger on a 2022 GT, but not thrilled at the power levels. I have a 18 pushing around 1200 HP and trading in a Corvette with 700+ Like the look and price of the car. Just want some more out of it.
  6. Recommendations on a new short block?

    So I took the dummy route and did not upgrade my oil pump gears and sprocket. Needless to say do this upgrade if you are doing any kind of decent modding. Now I am in the market for a new short block. Just reaching out on here to see if anyone has any recommendations. Current setup is a TT...
  7. Car shutdown completely after a run and would not crank unless jumped?

    So I rented out a track on Saturday to work on my suspension setup and to get the car dialed in and consistent. The mods list is very extensive but I will name the big ones: 2018 GT Premium stock Gen 3 engine Twin turbo Hellion sleeper kit, 62 mm ball bearing 1050x injectors on return fuel...
  8. Ripped the transmission out tonight at the strip. Recommendations on shops to build out one?

    Looking for shops that build out a transmission rated for 1300 HP. I am aware of PowerbytheHour and can google other big names. Want some good feedback from people with experience if I can get it. Thanks! 2018 R10
  9. Gen 3 Coyote - All Aluminum?

    Just want to make sure as I am sure google will give the answer but I figure not many places will know better than you guys. Is the Gen 3 Coyote running forged aluminum rods and pistons? Basically the entire motor is forged alum?