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  1. New York Lund Ngauge

    LUND Ngauge With Cable and SD card!!!! $540 Shipped!! Paypal only!
  2. New Tires

    The stock tires are expensive and aren't great for the street or rain, if I keep stock size, I have literally not many options, what tire sizes / aspect ration can be used without throwing off the odometers? Do they sell rims/tire packages anywhere that will fit, that don't require extra...
  3. R vs Non R Exhaust

    Anyone that has an R model, what did for do with the res delete? is it straight piped? X pipe? Whats the pipe diameter if I wanted to replicate?
  4. Oil Separators

    Does the gt350 come with both driver and passenger side ford performance oil separators? Noticed the car I bought with 450 miles had them on already as well as a nice ceramic coating, did I happen to get more freebies?
  5. Shifting

    So first time driving a stick in 22 years... Like riding a bike!! But.. back in the 90's, never revved match on an old beat up bmw...Anyways, watching some videos on rev matching, which is pretty straight forward.. I noticed that it appears you can also shift gears and fully let off the clutch...
  6. Exhaust

    Is the sport exhaust mode loudest setting the 350 has? Dont see option for anything else unless the track drive mode opens the valves further like the regular GT. Is it worth putting an Xpipe on this? Dont want to ruin the sound as it does sound pretty good as is.
  7. Oasis Report

    Does anyone have access to oasis? Thinking about pulling the trigger on a 2019 gt350 thats used and under 500 miles. A bit odd someone would dump it so quickly.
  8. Drag Mode 10r80 issue

    Anyone ever experience wonky shifting in dragmode and only dragmode for the 2018+ 10r80? Could be downshifting to the wrong gear or anything else that isn't normal? Couldnt find anything online about it.
  9. Full 3in Exhaust System

    Anyone know how much HP you lose by adding headers that are direct connect to factory midpipe and exhaust vs using straight 3 inch pipe throughout?
  10. 18-19 Cervini Ram Air Hood Clearance

    Anyone know how much additional clearance the Cervini 18-19 ram air hood gives over stock? I'm wondering if it can fit the CJ intake without needing to drop the engine.
  11. New York SCT BDX

    New unmarried and unlocked sct bdx tuner, $225 OBO to your door in the U.S
  12. Track Key Boss 302

    I may buy a used 2013 Boss 302... If the dealer doesnt have the track key, is it still available for purchase?
  13. Still love it

    In the last 20 years, I owned a quite a few cars, every year I would buy something new and different.. I must say it's been over a year since I been back in a GT, I don't have that bored of and tired of feeling with the stang and still look forward to getting home, hopping in the car and mashing...
  14. Dealer put in wrong oil

    Taken my car to dealer a few times, first oil change ever I found it odd my invoice said customer requests 10 quarts of oil, when the manual clearly states 10 qts. Fast forward a few oil changes later, some of which I had taken to a private shop to do. Last weekend, after an oil change at...
  15. E85 Feels like Stalling when coming to a stop to quickly

    Anyone using E85 tune feel like the car wants to stall (rpm drop) when coming to a stop to quickly, sometimes, not all the time?? Also does not happen when using stock calibration. Please post if you experience this and what company's tune you are using.
  16. Steeda Stop the Hop Kit

    Is this pretty much the best for the price for wheel hop? Figured I'm going to address this first before adding any other mods as I have wheel hop as it is in stock form using drag mode.. Is there anything cheaper that will mimic the same results even if it's piecing together a few different...
  17. 7k RPM 3rd gear speed

    Noticed something strange the other day on my 2019 GT, my speed at 7k RPM was roughly 70MPH when using the paddle shifters... On my 2018 I was in the low 90's in 3rd at 7k ish RPM ... ???? Am I crazy? the 2019 has the 3.55's but thats a 20+ mph gap
  18. Procharger or NA

    Procharger is 5600 bucks give or take.... I got a quote today for Cobra jet intake, ARH 1- 7/8 offroad headers, vmp twin 69mm throttle body, pmas cai for cobra jet, steeda engine mounts, lu 47 injectors... right around 5k dollars for parts installed out the door.... (not including tune) Am I...
  19. Passing inspection

    Using catless headers and passing emissions? .. People are doing it but how? just the tune?
  20. Dealer markup Roush

    A dealer in my area just became a Roush dealer, I was already under the impression these vehicles have set pricing packages you can order after you buy the car, yet I heard the dealer say there will be an adjusted market value.. Anyone ever heard of this on a Roush vehicle?