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  1. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    Yesterday I took part in my first track day since installing the Roush P2 kit on my 16MT. I have basically all the supporting mods you could wish for. The performance was magical, super super happy with it and it took a beating all day without complaining or causing problems. IAT2 below 115f...
  2. Loaded 3.31 diff in to a boosted 3.73 PP car..

    Cool, thanks for the info. Rebuilding has the advantage of not needing to ship a diff pumpkin from the US to Europe.... I can't find any loaded 3.31s on this side of the Atlantic.
  3. Loaded 3.31 diff in to a boosted 3.73 PP car..

    Speedo I can fix with ForScan (if im not mistaken) or maybe even my NGauge. Does anyone make a 3.31 gear kit? Weighing up the +/- of a rebuild or a replacement.... Thanks.
  4. Loaded 3.31 diff in to a boosted 3.73 PP car..

    I've boosted my 16 GTPP with a Roush P2 (625whp). Currently its running the std. 3.73 Trac-Loc (not Torsen, its a EUDM car). I want to go 3.31s.... can I just buy a loaded 3.31 and drop it straight in, or am I missing something? The current diff has 60k miles on it and is trashed. Thanks for...
  5. Check out the Whipple on this Mustang!

    Mine is a PP1 and still has the 3.73 rear end. Would it be worth changing this out for a 3.55? It's something I have been thinking about for a while. (MT80 car).
  6. Best exhaust clamps?

    Awe Awesome, great tip. Just found a European stockist of the Boost products in Germany and ordered a pair :)
  7. Best exhaust clamps?

    Dumb question, but I swap the H pipe for an X semi regularly..... Will using the exhaust paste make that impossible or messy? I'd like to avoid pastes etc if possible.... Was wondering if a better/nicer clamp existed.
  8. Best exhaust clamps?

    I have LTH LTs and a Ford Racing Borla catback. I have a leak where they join (pipe diameters are the same). I can hear it when driving and it also stinks (catless LTs). What are the best exhaust clamps out there? Right now I'm using then OEM clamps that came with the car from Ford. I would...
  9. Vortech install done, flashing CEL

    If you go Lund or Wengerd, at least you can rule out the tune being the problem if the CEL persists. Lund cured my tuning problems when I installed mine. Their basic tune file before revisions was already night n day ahead of what I was running previous to them.
  10. What are the 0-60 times for a roush stage 1 supercharger?

    Roush P2, 625 WHP, 6MT transmission 3.73 diff. 4.33s street tyres on the street is my best (with Dragy). 4.08 with a 1ft rollout. With stickier tyres under 4s would be possible. EDIT: Just realised thats a 0-100 (0-62mph) so im guessing you can take a 10th off those times.
  11. 4k Roush P2 POV review.

    Thought maybe some of you might like this. YT POV review of my Roush P2 car. Nicely edited by the production company and shot with good equipment. 4K video if your equipment can handle it :) And they touched 180mph on the autobahn stretches :)
  12. Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    Nice YT review made over my Roush P2 car:
  13. European GTPP1, Roush Supercharged

    Some Youtubers made a nice review of my car, hope you like :)
  14. European GTPP1, Roush Supercharged

    If there is no CEL, then they dont do a sniffer/gas test. A very conscientious tester might do a visual test.... I take my car to my regular place (with no CEL showing) and no problem is made of it. You could get unlucky (and officially its a no-no) but you are likely to get away with it in...
  15. Borla / Ford Racing interchangeable? Parts compatibility question

    I contacted Borla directly last week as well. Their answer was that it did NOT fit, and that I would have to use the Ford Racing part. Too late for me, as I had already ordered it :) However, they are full of **** as it fits absolutely perfectly. The dimensions are identical and it installs...
  16. Borla / Ford Racing interchangeable? Parts compatibility question

    Glad to know it fits. Shame I couldn't purchase one second hand, because they aren't cheap :( I really need to quieten the car down..... It's insanity loud at the moment. Hopefully this will be the trick.
  17. Anyone run an H and a X pipe?

    It made quite a mellow sound. Unusual. No idea what it did/didnt do for power.
  18. New Roush install. Bucking/surging/hesitating. Logs attached

    The chart is in Nm. Equates to about 510ft lb at the wheel. All surging/bucking/hesitating is gone. It drives super smooth. Every now and again the boost can be quite violent in 1st or 2nd (like too much all at once) but according to Lund that's an occasional characteristic of the Roush TVS...
  19. Question for folks running 69mm pulleys on roush setup

    Do you run 93 or E85? What sort of WHP are you seeing? Thanks :)