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  1. GT350 ID 1050X Fuel Injectors

    I purchased these injectors from a forum member several months ago but decided to go in a different direction. I'm asking for $700 shipped OBO Any questions at all, feel free to reach out!
  2. O2 Extensions/Harness Help Needed.

    What are you guys using for 02 sensors? The set I have on now burnt out and I'm looking for something more robust and if possible, like OEM quality. I've come across posts suggesting to use a F150 Harness (NTK 27079) but I cannot get a definitive answer as to whether or not it'll actually...
  3. Massachusetts GT350 Coolant Expansion Tank

    Looking to buy either a Canton Racing or Shelby Coolant Tank. Who has them either used or in stock ready to ship?
  4. Massachusetts ARH/Kooks LTH for GT350

    I'm looking for a set of either Kooks, SW or ARH Longtube Headers with high flow cats. Thanks!
  5. Which LTH is best for me?

    While my 350 is at Ford getting a new engine, I'm planning out my wishlist of goodies but I'm having difficulty choosing what header/exhaust system I want to run. To get it out of the way, I could care less about an ESP/Warranty issues. That's getting used up now (unfortunately) Originally, I...
  6. Looking to do some Suspension work (need advice)

    Recently I was driving down the road and after several near misses (bottoming out, potholes etc) I started thinking about suspension parts What would you guys recommend for a GT350 that has a lot of street time but occasionally gets tracked? I don't mind a rough ride quality but I'm worried...
  7. I think my engine is on it's way out

    I just cracked 19k miles on my 2017 GT350 and I'm beginning to think I'm burning oil like crazy. I usually go 3k miles between oil changes. Sure, I could wait. But I'm rough on my car regularly (racing, etc). In the past, I've had to add a qt between changes which I assumed was normal given...
  8. Corsa Headers?

    Did Corsa stop offering their GT350 headers? I remember LP listing them on their website but they've been since removed. I'm leaning towards the ARH LTH w/Resonator setup but I figured I'd look into Corsa with already having their X Pipe.
  9. GT350/GT Parts (Exhaust, Seats etc)

    If you're interested in having the items shipped, all prices below are for pickup only. Shipping is the buyer's responsibility. I'm also willing to meet locally in the MA/NH area; I'll even deliver it to you. Realistically, these parts are taking up space and I want them gone 2015-2020...
  10. Kooks Green Cats?

    Are they worth it when it comes to passing emissions? I've also heard of some people failing still even with the green cats. Ideally, I'd love to run LTs but MA is as bad as CA when it comes to testing. However, I did just have one cat blow apart on me 2k miles ago (12.5k on the car) We...
  11. Rear seat assembly pricing?

    I just finished up pulling the rear of my 350 and I was curious as to what a good price point is for the seat belt assembly, seats/seatbacks etc. Thanks for the help!
  12. B-Line Resonated Test Pipes?

    I was looking at buying a set of B Line cat deletes but with my Corsa X Pipe, I was worried about it being too raspy. I came across the resonated test pipes and I'm thinking this might be the solution for me but I can't find any videos/clips showing them off. Has anyone on here bought a set...
  13. Help needed with deciding on fitment

    I just purchased a set of Project 6GRs R Spec for my 350. I'm driving myself nuts over fitment, stance etc and I can't make up my mind I've though about doing 305/35/19 squared as well as going 305/30/19 and 325/30/19. I have two concerns with the 30 AR vs 35. One is ride height. I'm lowered...
  14. Massachusetts WTB: Project 6Gr 5 R-Spec

    Looking to buy a set of Project 6GR 5's (R Spec) in Satin Black
  15. Massachusetts (WTB) Project 6GR Wheels R Spec etc.

    I'm looking for a set of 19" Project 6GR Wheels as well as other 19" wheels. The front has to be 10.5" at least. I'm willing to pay shipping as well.
  16. Looking for a reputable performance shop

    Can anyone in the MA area recommend a reputable performance shop? I'm looking to do the following to my 350 and possibly a built engine down the line. -FP Lowering Springs -MMR Coolant Lines -AR Oil Cooler Lines Thanks!
  17. Massachusetts WTB Project 6GR, MRR 600 Wheels; etc.

    I'm looking for a set of 6GR Wheels or MRR M600s for my GT350. I'm open to other wheels as well but for sizing purposes: 19x10.5/11 19x11/11.5 I'm willing buy just the wheels unless y'all offer up a wheel/tire combo. Show me what you got!
  18. LTH or High Flow Cats?

    I recently installed a corsa x pipe and while it's awesome, I've been eyeing either High Flow Cats or LTH. The only problem is MA requires O2/Cat Sensors. Does anyone know of a work-around to this in the NE area? I'm looking to gain some HP and eventually do an E85 flex fuel tune in...
  19. Massachusetts WTB: ZL1 AO Front Tow Hook

    I'm looking for a ZL1 Add On Front Tow Hook for my GT350; new or used. Black or Red preferred Thanks!
  20. Want to pull my Digital Dash out. Questions inside

    I'm parting out my 2016 GT and I'm looking to sell the digital dash out of it. I have no problem sourcing an analog one but I'm curious as to how I'd go about correcting the mileage. I'm assuming I'd have to send the new cluster out to a shop to perform the work but don't know how to go about it.