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  1. Looking for recommendations for my daily

    I second the MIchelin Pilot AS4. I put a set on my 22 PP at 4k miles. The Pirelli's were doing OK but being a summer tire I wanted to be able to drive in the winter months here in East TN. comfortably I have put a couple thousand miles on the AS4 and they grip really well. They hook up...
  2. Wheel locking kit: have I been ghosted?

    I specifically told my dealer not to install mine and just put in the trunk. I threw in my tool box when I got home and promptly ordered a set of Gorilla solid lugs for mine. I then put the factory lugs and the locking ones in a box in the back of my garage with all my other useless stuff...
  3. Finally picked up my New Mach 1 (Grabber Blue)!

    Congrats, I agree the Grabber Blue is an amazing color. I love my GT PP in Grabber. As for the hood prop rod, I got the Roush prop kit and it works really well... :)
  4. oil consumption 2021 5.0

    Yeah a quart every 1000 miles is considered normal by Ford. My Gen 3 Coyote F150 drank a quart every 3k for about 60k miles. I did the TSB for oil consumption and started running 5w30 instead of 5w20 and it started being a quart low at 5k which was OK since I was changing anyway. Plus holding...
  5. Oil change after first 1000mi break in? Your thoughts.

    Probably good if you drive a lot and highway miles. My Gen 3 Coyote F150 I put 40k a year on it the first couple of years and I went 7500 a couple of times due to me not being able to stop long enough to change it with no issues. It ran great til I traded at 100K with only the dreaded tick. I...
  6. Love Letters to B.B. — 60 Day Newbie Review

    Never thought of using a partial bottle. According to Liquimoly a bottle treats 5 quarts. I am only using 1 bottle in my Mustang which is technically a 1/2 dose. I used 2 bottles in my F150 the first time at I believe 50k miles when it was really having the tick and it made it silent...
  7. Oil change after first 1000mi break in? Your thoughts.

    I changed mine the first time at 5k. Put Pennzoil Ultra Platinum and a dose of Liquimoly Ceratec for good measure. I did the same on my Gen 3 Coyote F150 (5k changes from day 1) and traded it for the Mustang at 100K with Zero issues. I never have bought into the hype of changing oil super...
  8. Why do you use your Mustang as a weekend only car?

    I drive over 200 plus a day and carry parts and tools for work. I have a 22 CX5 that is more practical both fuel mileage and interior space wise for what I do. That said I do on occasion drive my mustang to work when I don't need all my parts for the or have a shorter commute that day..
  9. Time for new tires on a 21 PP

    I upgraded to the Michelin Pilot All season 4 and I love them. They aren't cheap but work great. Ditched the Summer Pirelli at 4k miles. They still had tread but I wanted all seasons so I could run safely in the winter. I drove on Christmas Eve in single digit weather and they gripped...
  10. Informal Survey: Who in here is signed up/using Ford Pass?

    I use it. Mainly for the remote start function and I use it to put in my service history when I change my oil and such. I'm not too worried about being tracked. My phone, watch, computer, tablet, etc, etc all track me anyway.

    My car isn't a convertible. I was mainly replying from the sound quality stand point.
  12. Challenger outsold Mustang again. Worst Mustang sales ever.

    Tons of factors at play here. Supply chain, Pandemic, interest rates going thru the roof, plus the price of cars in general are at an all time high. Not to mention Dodge axing the ICE Challenger so everybody wants one. That said, I LOVE my 22 GT. I guess I am fortunate to be able to get one...
  13. Keep OEM Wheels or sell

    I plan on upgrading this spring and will get a summer set. I just put all seasons on my factory set for winter use.
  14. coolant color

    My 18 F150 had the orange and when I did the flush at 75K miles I converted to the yellow. My Mustang (22) has yellow. I had some leftover from my flush on the truck so I am good to go for a while LOL...
  15. Exhaust Recommendation Based on Sound Profile

    Borla S Type gets my vote. Go touring if you want a little less volume.
  16. Window Tint Photos?

    5% sides and back
  17. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    Took this morning. Mine (Grabber BLue) with a few friends. Had 24 I believe last I counted for our New Years Cruise today :)
  18. Spare tire kit # for BREMBO brake stangs?

    This is the one I got. It is a little pricey but it is nice to know it will clear Brembo brakes and can be installed in any position without having to play musical wheel switch around.
  19. 2021 Mustang GT Premium w/cylinder deactivation?

    In 2021 the F150 went to the Gen 4 Coyote which started the Cylinder deactivation. No Gen 3 has it to my knowledge (which all 2018 plus S550 Mustangs have). Mustang doesn't have Auto Start Stop (ASS) thankfully either :)

    I second the Borla S Type. I have an S Type on mine and it has an amazing tone. Not too loud either till you lay the beans to it. I did get a whole cat back though.