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  1. Spare Wheel and Tire Options

    Anyone know if the kit below will work for the GT350? The seller claims it will fit the rear only, but if have a flat on the front could swap a good rear wheel/tire to the front and place this on the rear. Any truth to this as a temporary solution just to get home, obviously the front and rear...
  2. JLT 15% Discount Code

    JLT Discount Code: SPRING2018 15% off Valid until 3/31/2018
  3. Gear Pump Deal

    Great Deal on Mocal 17311 gear driven pump for trans/diff for you '15/16 guys without coolers. Regularly $300, with discount RPWLOVE now until Feb 14th, it's $257, no tax, free shipping. Already has brass 8AN male fittings attached and comes with a bracket with rubber insulators to reduce...
  4. Great Price on Oil

    Amazon Prime: 12 qts Motorcraft 5W50 for $100 free shipping... WAIT, JUST DROPPED TO $62.
  5. Steeda Clutch Spring Part Number?

    Looking to change to the Steeda Clutch Spring. I am finding multiple part numbers, can anyone confirm what I need for the GT350? Looks like there is a spring, a perch, or a spring/perch kit...???
  6. New Wing? Thoughts?
  7. Window Tint

    Going to tint windows soon, will probably go with 15-20% which I know is very dark, but think will look amazing on black car. Best place in my local area uses LLumar, trying to decide between ATR metallic or CTX ceramic. Any known problems with metallic tint interference on car (GPS or anything...
  8. What to do with catch can oil?

    Sorry if this question seems ridiculous, but can I just pour my catch can oil back into the motor? I have been dumping it out in my used oil container, but it seems like a complete waste. Car sees no track use, driver side catch can is always bone dry, passenger side catch can with 1-2oz every...
  9. Wheel Locks?

    Has anyone found wheel locks that look good on the GT350 with the exposed lug nuts? Thinking of these: The all black might look cool, but I'm...
  10. Lug Nut Torque

    Just for the heck of it I decided to check the torque of the lug nuts on my 2016 GT350 which only has 300 miles (of course the lug nuts haven't been touched by anyone other than the factory). They are suppose to be 150 +/- 15 per the manual, but set my torque wrench to 130 and was able to turn...
  11. Visor Stickers

    As a perfectionist the huge visor stickers in several languages have always driven me crazy. I have removed them from all my vehicles, and the GT350 has actually been the easiest. Heated a corner of sticker for about 30 seconds with a hair dryer, then used my fingernail to get a very small...
  12. Oil at a great price!

    Just a heads up has Motorcraft 5w50 synthetic motor oil for $7.99/qt! I just bought 20 as you save a bit on shipping then. They also have a kit that includes 10 quarts+filter for under $100 before shipping.