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  1. Michigan WTB gt350 brake pads

    Oem Pads are on back order from Ford, anybody have a set they would sell?
  2. Thoughts on this cup 2

    This is my left front after 2 track days. It looked fine after the first day and all others look perfect. Anything I should be concerned with? I feel like the track is pretty even between left and right turns. I’m running about 2.5 degrees of negative camber. Appreciate any thoughts
  3. Thoughts on explorer st

    Anybody have one, driven one, rode in one? Thinking about getting one for my wife, can’t wait to get her gmc out of my garage. They look pretty sporty and with 400hp should move along pretty good. It sounds like the 20’s had a few issues so hoping the 21’s are a little better? Anybody have any...
  4. Bad day at the track for a 350

    A really bad day today for a guy at the track. There was some debris on the track and he swerved to miss it and lost control sliding through the grass into a tire wall. It was cold and the track was slick all day. The spot he went off you’re typically running 95-100 mph. He was super fast all...
  5. Gt500 wheels/tires on a 350

    Hey guys, I’ve been reading on here for quite a while but this is my first post. I’m wanting to get an extra set of wheels and tires. Does anyone know for sure if gt500 wheels/tires will fit on a 350? I know they’re wider and use a 20 inch wheel but not sure about the offsets on the 500 wheels...