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  1. Engine noises - help appreciated

    checked my throttle body just putting my hand on intake tube i can feel it. will take a look inside this weekend pretty sure it has a defective or weak spring that is not holding throttle plate shut creating the thumping noise at idle.
  2. Engine noises - help appreciated

    I have similar sound that just started 2021 gt 1200 miles i only here it warm engine at idle park or drive seems to happen every 5 seconds or so sounds louder in car a thump kind of sound
  3. tax time

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  4. i can’t be the only one who runs regular in a GT right?

    i have been running 93 but i have a feeling with the cost of premium that people are not using it that much and it is sitting in tanks for much longer time getting stale.
  5. 2018 GT build dates = issues??

    2018 GT engine rattle. build date rattle sound belt noise 2500 miles.
  6. 2018 engine tick

    gt engine tick rattle After many attempts to get dealer to solve this. I think we have to complain to ford directly. I believe ford is telling dealers this is normal. my car did not make these tapping rattle sounds when I got car. and it does not do this all the time every few days I will here it.
  7. 2018 engine tick

    2018 GT engine rattle. build date for me was 11/12/17
  8. 2018 engine tick

    2018 GT engine rattle. does not sound good hope they fix it.
  9. 2018 GT engine rattle.

    2018 GT a10 engine or trans rattle. same sound as my car sound was not there when it was is worse when warm. not sure what it is but it is annoying mine makes this sound most of the time. ford thought it was intake manifold and replaced it. after a few days sound was back. dealer now...
  10. 2018 GT engine rattle.

    2018 gt rattle valve train noise
  11. 2018 GT engine rattle.

    gt valve train rattle good luck my dealer keeps telling me it is normal did not have it when It was delivered started a few weeks after ownership sound is much worse when warm.
  12. 2018 GT engine rattle.

    gt engine rattle sorry to here about your trans clutch hope it also fixes your rattle sound.
  13. 2018 gt 10 sp what is this sound

    anyone know what this clatter sound is more noticeable after car is warmed up 1600 miles on car dealer has not been very much help the sound is even worse when driving slow stop go low rpm 1200-2500.
  14. 2018 GT engine rattle.

    trying to get dealer. to get ford engineer involved.
  15. 2018 GT engine rattle.

    Possible intake manifold runner control. dealer replaced my manifold in February. when I picked car up there was very little noise. but within a few days it is back again. the rattle sound is there about 80 percent time. very frustrating brand new car to make this sound. dealer had me test drive...
  16. 2018 GT engine rattle.

    yes I have had the same knock happen passenger side on cold start. was at dealer for this and the rattle at low rpm dealer could not duplicate knock at first then next day said they heard it then could not duplicate any more. I have not heard it recently I was thinking transmission to since it...
  17. 2018 GT engine rattle.

    same problem taken car to dealer purchased December 1500 miles sounds like a diesel at low rpm speed. dealer tried to help does not know what to do. actually drove another car from inventory. same sound hope they come up with a solution.