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  1. The big Intercooler thread.

    I too have just installed the CV Fabrication intercooler (all the way across the pond in the UK!). Just to echo what StangNoc posted earlier, after a lot of shopping around I have to say this appeared to offer the best quality part at the best price... and I wasn't disappointed. Easy install...
  2. The big Intercooler thread.

    Hey, thanks a lot for the feedback. I thought this may be the case, just wanted to check if anyone else had any experience of running this set-up before I took the plunge myself. Appreciate the advice :thumbsup:
  3. The big Intercooler thread.

    Hi guys, quick question as I couldn't find any answers scrolling through the previous posts' (so apologies if this has already been answered). Has anyone installed an uprated intercooler (regardless of brand) with stock hot side/cold side piping? I'm wondering if I can get away with running a...
  4. 4 x Michelin sport tyres for Ford Mustang GT (2015 and on) REDUCED all 4 tyres for £299

    Hi! Are these still up for sale? If so I'll drop you a PM as I'd be interested in taking the 255 40 19s off your hands :thumbsup:
  5. Gone in 20 Seconds

    I use a disklok, the small size fits fine :thumbsup: Can never protect the car too much, too many s**tbags about :punch:
  6. Mustang GT Parts For sale

    No dramas, thanks for letting me know! :thumbsup:
  7. Modern Billet Shift Knob

    Lol alright thanks for the heads up! Will wait and see what happens I guess :shrug:
  8. Modern Billet Shift Knob

    This still for sale...?
  9. Mustang GT Parts For sale

    Is the tint kit still available...? Any idea what price you'd want for it?
  10. Ford Pony Emblem / Anchor Room Tints

    Hi, I'm interested in the pony badge... is it still for sale? Thanks, Mike.
  11. Steeda UK "Spring Sale" Now on

    Since you asked... how about these :bolt:
  12. My New Mustang

    Thanks very much, didn't get chance to see yours but looking forward to seeing the pictures. Hope you're enjoying the car!!
  13. Front Brake Pads need replacing...

    Ha no worries! Was an interesting read anyway ;)
  14. Front Brake Pads need replacing...

    Oooo... Interesting! How soon (And more importantly how much will they cost?) can you guys get a set of EB pads over? Feel free to PM me :thumbsup:
  15. Front Brake Pads need replacing...

    Yeah similarly around Bedford Aerodrome (also fairly hard on brakes) I had absolutely no issues with fade and that's in an EB, so have no complaints with the stock system that's for sure. As mentioned, figured why not use it as an opportunity to explore some gains ;) Unfortunately the only...
  16. Front Brake Pads need replacing...

    Cheers Steve, I had checked their website already but assumed the "3.4" referred to the V6 which obviously don't fit our cars. Will get on the live chat with them tomorrow to clarify. As I say can easily fit them myself, just more for a service history kind of thing. As said above though I guess...
  17. Front Brake Pads need replacing...

    I'm after some help please! Couldn't find any previous on this, but my cars just had it's second service and the front brakes are 80% worn (I thought they were because they're squeaking like crazy!). I've been quoted by ford to replace them, and (wait for it...) they want £320 to replace just...
  18. My New Mustang

    Enjoy the pick up tomorrow, nothing else quite like picking up one of these! May see you there, popping in mine to Allen ford Warwick tomorrow for its second service so keep an eye out for an orange one ;)
  19. Service Plan

    Definately, not bad at all! I missed a trick not taking about a plan I think :frusty: Ha quite possibly, I think that's true of a lot of manufacturers dealer servicing though so don't give Ford too hard of a time ;) Well spotted, I copied the focus RS intervals :doh: should have been: 10K...
  20. Service Plan

    I saw Think Ford's service pricing and was getting worried as I'm nearly at 20k miles. And f**k paying £319 for a second service!! Thankfully Allen Ford's service pricing is much more palatable (taken from their website, sorry about the shoddy formatting): Performance Annual Servicing...