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  1. Paint code for spoiler

    Hello. I’m going to be adding a spoiler, and just wanted to double check if paint code G1 is the code for ‘normal’ black? My car is Velocity blue with a black convertible top and I want it to mesh
  2. Changing rim size?

    Hello. I have on order a 2021 Convertible GT Premium with Performance Package and some other stuff. Since I'm in the north east, I can't run the summer tires year round. I think the easiest and most cost effective solution is to get a second set of tires/rims. 1. Do I have to stick with the...
  3. Ceramic coat? Clear 3m? Help?

    Ordered a 2021 GT convertible. First ever brand new car and I'd like to keep it looking new, as I keep my cars a long time. I planned on getting 3m clear vinyl half hood, bumper, and mirrors. What do you guys recommend? My buddy said ceramic costing plus that but I'm not sure.