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  1. Which intake and tuner to get?

    I'm thinking about doing an intake and a 91 octane tune on my 2015 GT over the winter. Is there a general consensus on which intake and tune kit is the best on these cars? Ford Performance? Steeda? Lund? PMAS? I like the look of the N-Gauge when installed in the little vent but I'm not sure if...
  2. Canada - Ontario 18” GT wheels and tires

    Nice set of Mustang GT wheels. Taken off of a 2015. Some very minor curb rash. Tires are brand new Michelin Pilot Sport 4S’ (purchased in November 2020, maybe 250km on them max) in 235/50/R18. Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Open to trades (Mustang parts, tools, etc.). $1,000.00 CAD...
  3. What to expect from the Procharger HO stage 1 kit?

    I'm wondering what kind of numbers one could expect when installing this kit (and for arguments sake lets only this kit and a tune, no supporting mods) on a 2015 GT... Good idea? Bad idea? Waste of money?