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  1. North Carolina Roll Call!!!

    Did everyone see that the Hot Rod power tour is coming through Rockingham and Concord June 14 and 15? It came through Raleigh a few years back and it was a rolling car show. Definitely worth seeing.
  2. Engine Bay Mods

    As it sits today
  3. Engine Bay Mods

    I tried I tried those, meticulously cleaned the coil covers after paint, put gloves on and cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. I then applied them and let them sit overnight. The next day used clear coat to seal them. They lasted about 2 years and started bubbling up. Before Mustang Week this year...
  4. North Carolina Roll Call!!!

    Welcome, you may have seen me around town in the DIB 16 GT with stripes. For all in the area, Cars & Coffee Raleigh is having a meet on Sunday January 15th at 2333 Walnut Street in cary 08:00-11:00. There was some mention of something going on for Ken Block.
  5. HELP! My kid F*@&ed up my paint...

    I live in NC, land of the Southern pine. I know acetone will take off pine tree sap. My Super Duty F-250 has had this done to remove tree sap many times. The key is as previously mentioned dampen the cloth and use sparingly do not get the rag wringing wet and bathe the car in acetone. You will...
  6. Quiet startup - outside of quiet start hours

    Problem solved: I installed Borla Sport mufflers with an x-pipe. No quiet mode, heavenly music all the time.😃👍👍
  7. Katzkins Group Buy

    Curious as to the cost of leather for a cloth recaro interior
  8. Free shifter mod

    This worked great for me. Really tightened up the shifter
  9. Rivets Size on Engine Cover?

    I used stainless 8-32 allen bolts with washers and aviation locknuts on the back side (not nylock) it looks custom to me.
  10. North Carolina Holley CAI

  11. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Picked up a nail in the sidewall so it was off to get 2 new rear tires. Ah well they were going to need it soon anyway.
  12. Knob Thread Interference Fit ?

    My shelby went on easily and I had to use loctite. You will have to set it up so the reverse lockout collar works correctly. I Can’t really tell from your photo if the threads are messed up or not. Call whoever you bought it from and ask them about it. That way if it’s messed up you have a...
  13. Red starter button?

    I used a 90 and 45 degree small diameter.
  14. Red starter button?

    I just did this a few weeks ago with that starter button. The factory button is tight in there. They advise using a pick. I used a few different shaped picks. If you’re careful you can do it without destroying anything. Go slow and have patience it will come out. If you try to rip it out you...
  15. Spoiler Install - Adhesive Only?

    When I removed my MMD Foose spoiler I used screws and 3m tape. It was a real effort… I mean fight to get it off after removing the screws. But I did have the screws installed to provide clamping force while the tape set. I am sure it would have held up to “Mexico” speeds without the screws. But...
  16. 2019 and 2020 4" to 8" Screen Upgrade + Drive Mode Toggle Switch Enable Writeup

    I had removed the bass roll off after replacing my speakers and it wasn’t too bad changing that code. Tom was reprogramming for over an hour. He definitely knows what he was doing. It probably would have taken me a month.
  17. 2019 and 2020 4" to 8" Screen Upgrade + Drive Mode Toggle Switch Enable Writeup

    I just a few weeks ago did Haress by Hextall’s stereo swap. I was amazed at how much programming he had to do. So far so good, it’s a huge difference between this and my base stereo. I would definitely recommend going this route if you want to upgrade. Pete
  18. Whats your thought on side scoops?

    They’re not my thing but everyone has different tastes. It’s your car and if you want to add side scoops then do it. Customization is a personal thing.
  19. Best CAI

    I have a Holley no tune listed in the for sale section