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  1. California 2018+ Stock Airbox

    Will this fit a 2016 gt throttle body?
  2. Arizona Ford performance gt350 half shaft set

    Awesome communication.
  3. Arizona Ford performance gt350 half shaft set

    How much shipped to 91360?
  4. Arizona Ford performance gt350 half shaft set

    Shipped? Dust shields in good condition?
  5. Texas MBRP "Race" mufflers ('15-'17) GT (REDUCED!)

    Just drive 75+ and no drone 🤙
  6. California WTB - GT350 Hood

    Wrong section
  7. California WTB driveshaft loop

    WTB 2016 Mustang gt driveshaft loop for 3.5" shaft.
  8. Texas SOLD Stifflers driveshaft loop $90 shipped

    Is this for sale still? Sent pm
  9. California WTB driveshaft loop

    I am looking into the used market atm. Would like to get something with fairly low mileage and at a discount.
  10. California WTB driveshaft loop

    Wtb aluminum 1 piece driveshaft for 2016 gt mt82.
  11. Illinois Pmas fender intake(no tune required)

    I have this exact setup. The only possibility of water entering the system is if I were to roll through a puddle that was over a foot deep. I have a pp gt and the skid pan or undercarriage protection makes it a near closed box. I opted to remove the fog lights for better airflow.
  12. California 2016 Oem Tails

    I'll get back to you with a quote tomorrow.
  13. California 2016 Oem Tails

    I have a pair of 2016 tail lghts off my gt. About 50k on them. Very good condition, no issues. Asking 250.00 obo. Looking for local pickup or buyer pays shipping costs. Will get photo of date and username later.
  14. Florida Ceramic Coating

    1. It is a lot of work, so expect to be frustrated at times and have a 12 pack handy. 2. If you've never detailed a car expect 1 day for a full wash, clay, compound, and polish. And that's hustling. 3. The coating is probably the easiest part. Every manufacturer has slightly different ways of...