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  1. Consensus on PPF and Ceramic

    What is the consensus on PPF and/or ceramic. Ill be honest, new to this and trying to make an informed decision. Full PPF is quite expensive. Are people doing partial PPF and then ceramic the rest? Just curious how everyone is managing their ride.
  2. GT500 Brembos

    Gents, Where could I go to either get a: Caliper covers or b: Another set of calipers that I can have powder coated to what I want? or c. Another suggestion. (ie High heat vinyl for calipers.) I'm just wanting to change the "red". As after seeing the CF wheels, I really think they are sick...
  3. 350R front lower than 500?

    I was worried as hell about the front but it “felt” higher than the R. Have t measured but appears to be higher , at least at the splitter.
  4. Ok, why do I think the puddle lamps are cool.

    It’s the little things I guess. She’s home now:)
  5. Holy shit Xmas is here early

    Just got the message that this baby arrived today! Gonna go pick up tomorrow or Thursday! So, given all the QI issues , any advice on what/where I should look to identify warranty issues off the bat? Thanks gents, this is gonna be a fun ass ride.
  6. John Gruden Like he couldn’t afford his own? At least the dealer could splurged on the POTTS if he was giving it away, cheapo.
  7. Dealer Called w/ Golden Ticket.

    Got a call from my dealer this AM they have a GT available. I'm going to pay some ADM, I've reconciled the ADM after much thought and they were totally reasonable with the ADM. I'm torn between painted stripes and vinyl. Thoughts? Otherwise, Iconic with painted roof and all available stripes...
  8. Torn between base and CFTP

    I’m torn between base and cftp. For disclosure, I’ll never race this formally and probably will only track a handful of times, I am just a huge mustang fan and this new iteration is a dream car for me. The gt4 wing Looks great ( in fact I’ll admit I’m a gt4 fanboy) and sounds as though it will...