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  1. Swapping SYNC between cars

    Hi Guys, I have 2 cars 1 has a sync 2 1 has a sync 3 I want to swap them round What parts do I need to swap? Is it just the main unit in the dash? Or are there modules and airels as well? Thanks Lewis
  2. 325 on 11j

    Hi Guys Is a 325 too wide a tyre for an 11j rim? Anyone running this setup on the rear? Looking at 325/30/19 Thanks
  3. Eibach Wheel Spacers

    Wheel spacers S550 fitment 2 x 25mm 2 x 20mm £125 delivered
  4. 10,000K Bright HID Headlight Bulbs

    Set of 10k Bright HID headlight bulbs They give a purple colour Basically new less than an hour's use so not even warmed up yet £40 delivered
  5. Wanted: Cobra Jet Intake Manifold for my S550 Coyote

    Hi Guys After a Cobra Jet Intake Manifold setup for my 2017 GT Thanks Lewis
  6. Outside of North America Pair of Genuine Ford Euro Spec Taillights

    Hi Guys Have just upgraded my taillights in the UK so have my old items forsale Really good condition $700 delivered
  7. Pair of 2015-18 Taillights

    Have just upgraded to a sequential set so have my old lights for sale Great condition £400
  8. eBay Mirror Glass?

    Hi Guys Just fitted a set of US mirrors to my UK car. I need some heated glass as the mirrors I have didn't come with but have fitted the loom from my car. Has anybody used these? Seems a cheap way for me to get heated glass and loose the spotter glass and magnification...
  9. USDM OEM S550 Vented Hood(Bonnet) with MMD V series scoop

    Genuine US Hood with working vents and indicators not a cut up Euro Bonnet or sticky on vents Just imported was for my car but a week after I bought it I was offered a complete aftermarket front end with a cervini hood which I am using instead Triple Yellow Black working vents with indictors...
  10. Undisclosed WTB - US S550 Triple Yellow Wing Mirrors

    Hi, Looking for a pair of US spec triple yellow wing mirrors for 2015-18 S550 Without park assist But must be electric folding with turn signal and puddle light Delivery either to UK(England) or New Hampshire Thanks Lewis
  11. Mustang GT S550 APR carbon splitter

    This came with the front end I bought but offered it up and it's not the look I want It's used but looks new! Has the rods and fittings £300 Collect from Bristol or I can post at your cost
  12. Whipple Supercharged Black Badges

    Used but in good condition £10 Collect from Bristol or I can post at your cost
  13. S550 GT350R Wing Badges

    Brand new £10 Collect from Bristol or I can post at your cost
  14. S550 LED bulbs for Fog Light & DRL's

    Good condition about 9 months old £50 Collect from Bristol or I can post at your cost
  15. S550 GT Triple Yellow Front End

    UK S550 2015-2018 Shadow Edition GT front end in Triple Yellow very good condition car removed from is a year old only removed as I fitted an aftermarket front end Comes with everything you see in pictures if it's not in the pics I don't have it so please don't ask(no headlights or indicators)...
  16. Outside of North America Euro/UK Spec GT Blacked Out Rear Decklid

    UK spex GT rear decklid Just been professionally wrapped in gloss black vinyl Can peel off to reveal Chrome work if you prefer Also has a gel Motorsport and Performance badge(top tuner in UK) this can be removed easily leaving no marks $350 delivered
  17. S550 GT blacked out rear decklid

    GT rear decklid Just been professionally wrapped in gloss black viynv £150+delivery
  18. 20x11 wheels what offset?

    Hi All, Thinking about changing the wheels on my s550 GT. Wanna get as wide a wheel in the back with a proper width tyre as well. I like a really flush fit I'm on eibach springs so about an inch drop at the minute I'm happy with the ride height it's sensible for a daily driver I'd like to go...
  19. S550 GT Engine Cover

    Engine cover in good condition £30 Postage extra
  20. S550 Smoked Fog/Reverse Light Unit with LED Bulbs

    Original Ford Mustang S550 2015-2018 fog/reverse light unit just been professionally tinted Comes with LED bulbs for the reverse lights £50 Deliver extra