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  1. South Carolina WTB side supports without fog lights

    Does anyone have the bumper side supports without fog lights? I'm wanting to delete my fog lights.
  2. South Carolina Wanted: 15-17 PP front bumper

    Need a front bumper asap. Ruby red a plus. Local to Columbia SC would be a miracle.
  3. Steering wheel line lock button

    I have a small button on the center console, just forward and to the left of the shifter. I'm using the JPC line lock kit.
  4. Wengerd Tuned

    Car is 2016, stock engine, Boundary OPG, TSS cs, 2.9L Whipple stage 2 gen 3, Pypes longtubes and x bomb cat back, T56 Magnum XL, 4.56 gears, full rear suspension with Viking Crusaders. Last year I was running 3.73 gears and ran best of 7.1x 1/8 mile on PBD tune (18° timing advance). First trip...
  5. Wengerd Tuned

    By costly I mean switching tuners alone. Already paid one then switched to another. But, worth it.
  6. Wengerd Tuned

    I've also switched to Daryle. Costly to switch, but well worth it. Response time has been awesome, to say the least.
  7. Michigan VMP ‘15-‘17 Ice Tank, VMP upgraded H/E pump, VMP IAT2

    I'm not familiar with where this one mounts. I'll have to look it up.
  8. Tennessee BNIB VMP ICE TANK

    Gotcha, thanks
  9. Tennessee BNIB VMP ICE TANK

    Pics of actual item?
  10. Michigan VMP ‘15-‘17 Ice Tank, VMP upgraded H/E pump, VMP IAT2

    This tank mounts in the battery location?
  11. Florida New K2 IAT Harness & Sensor for Whipple SC

    Does this allow the ngauge to display and log IAT2?
  12. Have you had false knock and solved the issue?

    I know this is an old thread, but was the knock ever found? I'm experiencing similar.
  13. My somewhat budget friendly drag setup

    I can understand your concern. I got the M&H simply for the DOT rating, so I can run street car classes. Very seldom do I drive with them on the street, but I have without issue. I think their warning is more of a CYA deal. Most people will be cautious when running bias ply skinnies, but you...
  14. Roll center question

    In the middle of installing a Steeda drag race k member and there are two holes for the front link (lower for stock position). Instructions say top hole is used to correct roll center on a lowered car. I have BMR performance springs and a Whipple, so the car is lower. Would using the top hole be...
  15. My somewhat budget friendly drag setup

    JMS Chip Savage wheels, 17x4.5 and 15x10. MT 28x10.5x15 stiff wall slicks. M&H bias ply DOT front runners 28".
  16. VMS Wheel guys - what lug nuts?

    Why would they not be for street use? I use similar ones on my street wheels and have never had a problem.
  17. VMS Wheel guys - what lug nuts?

    I have JMS Savage wheels and they use an acorn seat. I'm running ET style lug nuts, acorn seat with a shank. I've seen some complaints about bending and breaking studs due to the acorn seats, so I'm trying to combat that.
  18. Steeda S550 Mustang THRU Threaded Differential Bolt Upgrade Kit

    Swapping my diff out for 4.56 gears and noticed the driver side rear bolt is slightly bent. T56 Magnum XL with Whipple 2.9L