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  1. 4th Luxemburg Mustang meeting Pictures!

    Hi Everyone! First we want to thank all participants this year for coming and making this event such a beautiful weekend!!! :) We hope that you all enjoyed it as we also did! Thanks! :thumbsup: From all the pictures you already posted on whatsapp I collected some and so I can start the...
  2. Headlights Mustang 2018

    Hi all, I've ordered an 2018 Mustang and it seems that the lights were changed to LED's... One thing what I really don't like and I think is bad on the 2015-17 are the lights (specially at night). Is there any improvement on them on the 18 model? Do you have some pic's at night? Is it...
  3. The long wait starts again... :)

    Ordered today my new mustang gt manual in orange fury :) now the long wait starts again... haha :headbonk: the dealer said that the car should be build in may and delivered 2 or 3 months later... let's see :D
  4. GT Stripes on Race Red

    Hi Guys, I'm planning to do GT Stripes and I wanted to hear your opinions... The plan is to make Matt black stipes with gloss black pin stripes.. and also the side mirrors matt black.. What I'm the most unsure is on the pinstripe... will it look good like that? :) lol What do you think?