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  1. How did you decide on the color of your GT350?

    I was looking for an R in a few different color combinations. Then i saw a lightning blue R with black stripes and that was all she wrote.
  2. R rim - anyone ever have this happen?

    Yeah its the driver side rear. There is hardly any room between the caliper and the inner part of the rim. I swear this car is just a magnet for rocks. I had a rock that got wedged between the CF spoiler and truck top. No clue how that happened but luckily it didn’t cause any damage like this.
  3. R rim - anyone ever have this happen?

    I don’t know if a rock got caught but saw this after i cleaned the rim. Didn’t hear any kind of odd noise. It goes around the whole circumference of the rim. Anyone else have something similar?
  4. GT350R Squeaking noise from rear

    I looked at the wheel and rotor but nothing looked out of ordinary. I didn’t see any scratches or scraps. Ill pull the wheel to see if i see anything with it off.
  5. GT350R Squeaking noise from rear

    I have a 2017 GT350R. Recently I’ve been hearing loud squeaking coming from the rear. Maybe the driver side rear wheel. It seems to only occur when the car is first moving. Once it’s warmed up, maybe 5 minutes of driving, it seems to go away. I thought a stone might have been stuck somewhere but...
  6. Baby needs its first bath, lessons learned?

    After every time i take the car out i just wipe it down with adams detail spray. Ive never washed my car and its a 2017 Gt350r. After every 4-5th time i take it out, i just clean the wheels.
  7. GT350's GT500's & your Best Buddy

    Agreed. Can always find another car, but a great dog is something you cannot replace. I’ve had so many dogs growing up and each has had their own unique personality.
  8. GT350's GT500's & your Best Buddy

    My springer spaniel named poker. Two guesses what i do in my spare time lol. He’s 10 and is still chasing squirrels and constantly wanting to be outside.
  9. Bump stop

    do the front ones look the same as the rears? My dealer said that they were only in the rear. I have a 17 R
  10. Put A Hole In My GT350R Hood

    Where did you get the gr350R side emblems? I like that.
  11. Anyone's here?

    Yeah me either. Not a 350
  12. Cracked R carbon wheel

    I’d be consulting a lawyer if this was me because this is bull shit.
  13. Well I did it. I bought my R....

    Just curious, does anyone know if these blocks are on the front suspension? I tried looking at the fronts but didn’t see anything. Another thing that is odd is the car went into the different driving modes correctly. I didn’t receive any error codes or anything.
  14. Well I did it. I bought my R....

    I drove it home from MD. I live in PA
  15. Well I did it. I bought my R....

    The ride did feel rough and stiff but i just assumed that is how it was to be setup. I had a 2012 boss and the ride was stiff and a little harsh in that as well. I have 4000 miles on the car now. I bought it from a dealer in Maryland. I have a call in to my local ford dealer for them to inspect...
  16. Well I did it. I bought my R....

    Is this what it should look like? Or is that white piece supposed to be completely removed?
  17. Well I did it. I bought my R....

    So in the pic, where is the shipping block that needed to be removed by the dealer? Is it the white block? How do u know if an R had the suspension correctly configured by the dealer?
  18. How much different does the "R" sound?

    The R is simply pure unadulterated euphoria.
  19. 2019 GT350 or 2017 GT350R?

    If the R was well cared for and checked out by a ford dealer, I’d buy the R. Its just my personal opinion but i like the exclusivity of the R