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  1. The 2022 at the Drag Strip

    Not true, Ford recommends it's left in for drag racing.
  2. 2023 GT500

    Are any production numbers available now? When I search GT500s, there are more available than I ever remember seeing GT350s. Within 100 miles of me there are 19 CFTP new for sale.
  3. any leads on gt500

    I'm in the Philly area, and a search on Ford's website shows 19 CFTP cars within 100 miles. In the height of R frenzy, there were never that many around. Reading this thread, they are around because the dealers are asking 25K or more over? Wild...
  4. Ford is spying on you and sharing your personal information

    I question these types of responses. I guess a lot of people need to rationalize their willingness to bend over and take whatever is shoved their way, by attacking people with legitimate concerns as being paranoid.
  5. 4G Modem Disabling Instructions:

    Read the whole thread, did I miss a definitive answer to whether disabling the modem via fuse is sufficient to prevent the car reporting driver data, or does something need to be done so it can't connect to an open wifi?
  6. Ford is spying on you and sharing your personal information

    Not wanting my driving habits being sent DIRECTLY to my insurance company does not make me a tin foil hat wearer. Not to mention the other possible issues.
  7. Ford is spying on you and sharing your personal information

    I need to replace my 2014 F150, not a member of any F150 forums to ask there, how old do I have to go to not be spied on? 2018?
  8. I'm thinking of selling my 2017.

    Not a for sale thead, just trying to figure out what to ask. Autotrader seems all over the place, and of course that's what people are asking, not actually buying for. Car has 22K on it, uses no oil, been on the track a few times, only mod MM Castor Camber plates. It's Ruby Red, with the...
  9. Jacking up GT500

    I believe there was a thread, (may have been on s197s) to specifically not do that.
  10. New 2020 GT500 Poor Quality Work From Ford

    He needs to do something with that. Base is not meant to be exposed. I'd take it to the highest end body shop in the area, you'll never be able to tell it was fixed. Alternatively, the whole QP which connects to the roof and the other quarter needs PPF.
  11. First Drive Spring 2021- No A/C

    Ok, so as the title says, no A/C. I keep staring at the controls as if I'm going to find I have them set wrong, but alas, I don't think I do. I think the consensus here for hot A/C has been the compressor. Do I need to get it checke out or should I get one on the way from Autonation White Bear...
  12. Cracks in Hood Support

    how do you like your bike hooks? What brand are they? I was going to get some but was concerned the bike would fall on the car.
  13. '19 GT350 engine replacement

    Damn, I guess I should have bought the ESP for my 2017 before my warranty was up. I thought once they got past a certain number of miles they were "good to go" or as reliable as any other engine at that point. Sad to see the 29,000 mile failure. What's going to happen once these cars haven't...
  14. Staying safe and warm

    That's the real Dragula, not a replica? Wow, wow, wow either way.
  15. Digital to analog instrument cluster?

    I've found the digital cluster to be a turn off for me.
  16. Cracks in Hood Support

    Whenever I try to get excited about getting a 500, a new thread pops up to pour water on the fire.
  17. Need Help Sourcing a Part

    On SAE oring fittings, the nut is usually free to turn, so you put the elbow on the angle you want, them tighten the nut until the oring is compressed.
  18. Need Help Sourcing a Part

    Cool! I knew it would be.
  19. Need Help Sourcing a Part

    I'll see if I can find it at another MFG.
  20. Need Help Sourcing a Part

    Brennan sells it for $6.82, although I don't know if they'll sell 1 pc retail direct. If they won't, PM me.