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  1. 2022 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    IVe got an alreayd broken in 2021 HP i'll apart with in Canada boys!
  2. Track day / Sunday Driver Pad

    I really dont drive it much on street, maybe once every few weeks. most of it is just to and from track
  3. Track day / Sunday Driver Pad

    where is everyone buying g-loc from?
  4. Track day / Sunday Driver Pad

    I tried that with the DTC 70, wheels dried and were alllll RUST, i nearly barfed
  5. Track day / Sunday Driver Pad

    Hey Guys, For my 2021 Mach 1 I've actually had pretty good success on the stock brake pads, but decided to upgrade to the DTC70. DTC70 worked amazing, but because of there high metallic content they made a mess of my Wheels after they got wet/damp. Id like to find a good middle ground for a...
  6. New to me MACH 1 HP

    Problem is you bought a HP, for no apparent reason. You should have stuck with he Non HP car if your going to take away its capabilities
  7. Mach 1 with H-pipe or X-pipe?

    all other msutangs sound amazing.......except modern 5.0's
  8. Mach 1 with H-pipe or X-pipe?

    I think I'm one of the few, but I HATE how 5.0's sound. I tried everything to make one sound good, X, H, Mufflers, Combos of that, and all ended with rasp. I've stuck with my Factory exhaust as its the least raspy option If you HAVE to put something on, a Double H
  9. 2022 Mach 1 Handling Package-Yay or Nay?

    But also negatively effect my lap times lol
  10. 2022 Mach 1 Handling Package-Yay or Nay?

    IF you track the car enough HP is a must. My HP car in track setup drives like total crap on the street constantly pulling and darting, would be annoying if it was a daily.
  11. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

    Hanging out waiting for the NeXT track day
  12. Damn after seeing the Car and Driver article and Video Lightning Lap 2022 I am blown away😳

    Im still; super happy with my Mach1 HP car. I use it on both road and track, and embarrasses alot "faster" cars on track. Call it car, call it driver, regardless, it puts a smile on my face getting those point bys
  13. Should I proceed/ HRE IPA Bronze on Rapid Red

    just about anyhting is better then black IMO. However, bronze on that dark red will look killer
  14. How often do you get stopped…?

    I never have anyone approach me with my Mach1, to me its just blends in with the rest of the Mustang crowd i think. Only time i have people ask about it is on track.
  15. How much negative camber are HP getting stock?

    I have the tires, car is in storage still. My intention is to run them on stock rims, there is plenty of clearance on the car, my car is lowered also, I don't anticipate any issues
  16. How much negative camber are HP getting stock?

    I run 2.5 on my stock plates. I feel like it could use more on track, but im going to 315 fronts first to see how it effects understeer
  17. Canada - Ontario 20x10 HRE and Michelin P4S PRICE DROP

    I can meet in the falls easily
  18. Canada - Ontario 20x10 HRE and Michelin P4S PRICE DROP

    Im like 40 minutes from the Niagara falls border
  19. aftermarket 20 inch wheel tires

    I love my 555g2 on my HEllcat. Good balance for performance and on road manners
  20. M1 Lug Nuts

    Do you one better, I left the stock nuts and added Lug Covers. Dont ahve to worry about the black scratching and chipping(which will happen)