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  1. ?? Centri Owners Who DID-NOT do OPG/CS

    l've never had OPG/CS, mostly road race, drag every now and then. I drive my car hard like I stole it.
  2. Mid engine mustang? Waddya think?

    No thanks. That wouldn't be a Mustang, not interested.
  3. Beware of Lund

    My mom's dead so that'd be impressive.
  4. Beware of Lund

    Just say you kiss Alex on the mouth.
  5. I'm not paying $1 Premium over Regular

    Nothing but Premium for the god's chariot. I ain't putting 87 in my car, that's for econo shitboxes. :crazy:
  6. Boss 302 or Mach 1

    I agree with this. The Boss is a monster, a pure, raw, blissful muscle car. But the s550 is a sportscar, much more refined inside and out with better handling, nicer interior, more creature comforts, and faster performance. Its definitely an evolution over the old school, and you may like that...
  7. Beware of Lund

    Had similar issues with Lund. Spoke to me like I was an idiot or a child when I had concerns about some of the shift points and timing in the tune they sent me. After I blew my rings and had the engine rebuilt I had questions regarding said tune and they basically told me I must have done...
  8. I Hate Microsoft

    I use Microsoft Edge and have never been banned from Mustang7g.
  9. Hey so can we get the 7G shit off our site?

    I don't know about you, but I feel much safer knowing this menace has been banned from our site. :whew:
  10. Turbo Questions

    I get around 25mpg on the interstate at 70-80mph. Not perfect but I'm happy with it. Now in town? More like 12mpg. 🤘
  11. GT vs Tesla

    EVs are definitely a polarizing subject that incenses people.
  12. GT vs Tesla

    Yes I have driven a few actually. :giggle: Does it shock you that a person could drive an EV and not enjoy it? 🤔 That's amazing.
  13. GT vs Tesla

    No soul though. Quiet as a church mouse and it isn't a marvel of engineering like an ICE with a thousand moving parts all working together to produce power and acceleration. It's just a fast RC car you can sit in.
  14. Turbo Questions

    A centrifugal supercharger drives exactly like a normal car too until you stomp on it. Normal acceleration and normal gas mileage.
  15. 3 More Stolen

    We've been saying that since the first theft. I guess Ford is unable or unwilling to root out the insider(s) or beef up security.
  16. Headers and mbrp street.

    Yep, this is the best sound possible. 👌 I had an h-pipe with the active exhaust and it was glorious. 😍 Then I screwed it all up with headers and now it's loud asf all the time, even in Quiet Mode.
  17. Scammed by Jackson1320

    The drama. The suspense. 😩😩😩 Are you not entertained!?
  18. What you think of the new Mustang?

    I really like the super up Dark Horse version, name and all.
  19. borla and electric cars

    I might feel a little differently if the EV transition wasn't being forced and ICE sportscars weren't being killed off just so people who buy EV's can play a soundtrack like they're back in ICE vehicles again. I find it pretty ironic.