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  1. Road trip fuel mileage report.

    Had to take a recent 2600+ mile road trip to deal with a family issue, so I decided to keep records on fuel economy for $h!ts and giggles. My car is bone stock (except for the fancy shift knob) with approx 25K miles. I use Wally-world brand (Super Tech) 5-30 full synthetic oil, changed every 5K...
  2. A new Mustang costs about the same as in 1968.

    I just read an interesting story about costs and technical trends for everyday goods and services. For one of his yardsticks, the author used the Ford Mustang: The price for a basic Mustang hardtop in 1968 was $2,707 ($19,598 in 2018 dollars); today the lowest priced Mustang goes for $25,680...
  3. 1967 Shelby GT EXP "Little Red" prototype car found in TX.

    This is one of only two GT 500 notchback coupes. It was given to Carroll Shelby to "play" with. Purportedly, he tinkered with body parts and different engine/tranny combinations. This particular car ended up with a supercharged 428 and 3-speed auto, but the engine and transmission is long gone...
  4. Another viewpoint on catch cans.

    This is probably the most comprehensive discussion on the pros/cons of catch cans I've yet seen.
  5. Torque illustrated.

    If you've ever had difficulty explaining the concept of torque to someone here's a short video that should help.
  6. Interesting take on ecoboom.

    This video popped up on my Youtube feed (I guess I watch a lot of car/tech videos). It's from "Tuned By Nishan," which I've never heard of before now. These guys posit that many ecoboost engine failures are related to exhaust gas reversion, which is caused by running high boost on the relatively...