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  1. Track Attack

    I signed up for April 3rd-4th
  2. Hard Parking: A Mach 1 Picture Only Thread.

    This thread is making me wonder if I picked wrong color with my DMG.
  3. What did you do to your M1 today

    That would bother me. In my opinion they should align the door and replace the stickers if necessary. You purchased a brand new car and it should come the correct way.
  4. MACH 1 TRACK ATTACK ☆ 2023 Dates

    Anyone else registered for April 3-4?
  5. How many miles do you have?

    I picked up my car August 26th and I have 2,211 miles on it. It’s my “daily” but since I work from home I don’t drive every day and sometimes we take the wife’s Wrangler out since it’s easier with how we park. I have done 2 track days at Watkins Glen and looking forward to more.
  6. Track Attack

    This will be my second time, and first to NC. I was at the RS adrenaline academy in Utah and it was an amazing experience.
  7. 2023 Track attack.

    Registered for April 3-4
  8. Macho Man NV Salvage, oh yeah

    Oh this is great - I’m glad you are able to get back into another mustang! Good luck with the build!
  9. 2023 Track attack.

    My delivery date is August - I didn't even get a chance to mention it. The person that answered the phone didn't ask me anything, just said "dates are posted but registration isn't open." I will try calling again today.
  10. 2023 Track attack.

    you had no issues registering over the phone? I was told registration wasn’t open yet…
  11. 2023 Track attack.

    Dates are posted. I am looking at April 3-4 however when I called to register I was told that registration isn't open until after the first of the year.
  12. New York FS: SCT X4 Tuner

    bump still available