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  1. 19 X 10 +47.5 Offset Will this work on HP MACh 1 ????

    Looking for a square set up ! Thanks !
  2. Alabama WTB : MACh 1 NON HP "Y" OEM Wheels

    Let me know if you have a set for sale! TY
  3. Next Gen Style Wheels ???

    Has anyone seen anything close to what Ford is using on the Cup cars for the street? I absolutely dig them...yes I know the Cup wheels are a single lug and won't TY!
  4. Street Tires For HP Car ??

    Yes....I've searched, pm'd a few members. The Cup2's gotta go! I'm not a big Michelin fan but will go there if I have to. I'm keeping the HP wheels and I'm plenty aware of staggered set-ups coming from 20 + years in the MB AMG world. What have you found works as far as sizes and all-around...
  5. Home At Last !!! GRRRRR !!!

    Picked up my new 2022 Grabber Blue Mustang Mach1 yesterday in Michigan! Drove my Benz up from Bama and traded it in! Deal went smother all I did was sign, transfer junk and look the Mach1 over with a magnifying glass! I could not find a single flaw in the Mach1, everything lined up.....paint was...
  6. Chassis # ?

    Is the chassis # tied to the VIN # ? Just curious...Thanks
  7. Hello From BAMA! 1st Post!

    Been tire kicking for a new Mustang since 2012. I saw a Grabber Blue Boss 302 car filling up next to me @ Costco. It was the first time a Ford product caught my eye since my horrific head-on collision in my 2000 Lightning. I spent 14 hours unconscious in the hospital from the impact and driver's...